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5 hours ago

requested by Tessa Barker

I am looking for a small or even pocket-sized bass amp (I've heard they exist!) I'm very new to the instrument so I don't really know specifics, but I'm guessing if you have one, you do :) Looking for something smallish person can lift easily, doesn'... see more

9 hours ago

requested by Circle of Children

We are in need of a wide variety of garden tools to help us grow our large community garden for our nonprofit educational programs. As we expand and restore our organic permaculture garden and food forest at our Triangle Lake Center this spring and s... see more

10 hours ago

We have about 6-7 pairs of water skis at our Triangle Lake Center that we don't need. If you are interested in picking up a pair or several, we'd be happy to pass them on!

14 hours ago

requested by Benjamin Crandall

I have a lot of leaks in my flute. It probably needs some new pads.

18 hours ago

requested by Rebecca Wolle

Is anyone willing to lend me a bolt cutter for a quick project? It needs to be able to handle about 1/8 inch wire, so I can free a tree from the cage someone put around it...and that it grew through.

20 hours ago

Barbara H. Shaw joined Kindista

20 hours ago

Carol Alacaeagdjgej Moidustein joined Kindista

21 hours ago

offered by Singing Breeze

massage table, garage band set, kitchen cart on wheels, Christmas decorations and wrap (many unopened), two dense foam extra long old boy scout camp mattress's, lots of drawer liner adhesive, more things to come as we sort through to move on.
3285 W... see more


22 hours ago

requested by Zoe Morrison

I am upcycling vitamin & tincture bottles ( with lids) made of brown (AKA amber) color glass.

I will happily pick them up & take them off your hands.


22 hours ago

Form instruction, push hands, qi circulation, and martial applications.

Private lessons or small group classes.

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