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about an hour ago

requested by Evangeline LaRoque (within 4 miles)

I'm looking for old chandeliers to make wedding decorations for my dear friend's wedding in the spring. Non-working, or in less than beautiful shape, or missing parts is fine. I'd like to get as many as I can to hang from trees. If you have one sitti... see more

3 hours ago

requested by J. Troi Kunko (within 2.5 miles)

its been a hard time of bad sleep...I tried to order an online memory foam mattress and it turned out to be horribly lumpy. If you have a clean (no mold/mildew) queen size mattress looking for a new home we would be so grateful. Medium to firm is wha... see more

4 hours ago

offered by Gail Lloyd (within 1.5 miles)

Hello my mystical friends... I thought you might like
a little infusion of empowerment and a chance to
envision brighter days.

Enjoy the Podcast as I take you on a walk-a-bout... see more

7 hours ago

requested by Gail Lloyd (within 1.5 miles)

Update: I am speaking with a few rental prospects, but am concerned I won't land a more long term living situation before my current lease has expired. I am having to leave my current rental by Jan 1st. a hard time of year to find a rental. I am gre... see more

7 hours ago

offered by Betzi Hitz (within 1.5 miles)

Mature deciduous shrub, approx. 6 feet tall X 3 feet wide.
I don't know what it is.
I need the space to plant a currant bush.

10 hours ago

offered by Maurice Brook (within 1.5 miles)

Custom- made queen size buckwheat mattress.

Bulky. Good condition.

10 hours ago

Maurice Brook joined Kindista

8 hours ago

offered by Lisa-Marie DiVIncent (within 7.5 miles)

I have collection of buttons to help people replace a missing button or change the buttons on something for a new look. Colors, metal, some wood. Modern day selection plus all of grandma's. Needle and thread available and if needed I can show you ho... see more

9 hours ago

offered by Kris Topaz (within 4 miles)

still available 10-14-16......2-person size, could be used in a variety of ways...complete and whole...near trader joes......I don't see how to attach a photo but if you send me your email I can do that


23 hours ago

offered by Tree Bressen (within 1/2 mile)

This is a gadget that you plug in between an appliance and a wall socket that shows how much energy is being used. Useful if you are trying to understand your energy footprint and cut down. (Note, the Eugene public library also has these available ... see more

20 hours ago

requested by Tree Bressen (within 1/2 mile)

I would like to experiment with making mosaics, and am seeking materials. Such as stained glass, tile, pottery fragments, marbles, rounded pebbles, bits of things with interesting designs--small/broken pieces completely welcome, or i can cut if larg... see more

19 hours ago

offered by Vicki Shaw (within 1.5 miles)

The photo is of a third of the couch. You will need to move the couch and put it together.


19 hours ago

offered by Vicki Shaw (within 1.5 miles)

72" high, 16" wide, white pressboard with 6 adjustable wire shelves. There is a mirror on the back and 2 hooks on the side.


20 hours ago

requested by Alexander DiGrazia (within 2 miles)

Could you please drive me to the airport this coming Monday morning (Dec 12th)? I need to arrive at 7am. I live in the Whiteaker.

Could you please pick me up from the airport Wednesday (Dec 21st)? I land in Eugene at 2pm.

I could save money ... see more

32 hours ago

requested by Mike kelly (within 1.5 miles)

Does anyone have an extra short style surfboard. And or a wetsuit. Even if it needs refurbished, I will figure it out. It'll jus save me a lot of money and help my skills I feel are essential in my lifestyle.

3 days ago

offered by Alexandra Geddes (within 1/2 mile)


My mom has recently moved to Eugene, and is living in an elder housing place in South Eugene. She's a little bored. We're at work all day, and my kid is old enough to not need supervision ... see more

2 days ago

requested by Benjamin Crandall (within 1/2 mile)

31 hours ago

requested by Vincent Champeau (within 1.5 miles)

Hello. I am looking for parents who are interested in learning about hosting an exchange student. Currently there are students from China, Germany, Italy, Serbia, Spain, Switzerland, Thailand, and Vietnam looking for host families. They are all hi... see more

2 days ago

requested by Benjamin Crandall (within 1/2 mile)

I'd like to start steam cleaning some of my clothes instead of machine washing them to help them last longer.


35 hours ago

requested by Kris Topaz (within 4 miles)

Would love a bit of many plants......And a trellis! Any time of year, any sort of plant! Thanks for sharing...I also have some, although I'm just new here so they have not spread much, but come take a look! Kris

6 days ago

offered by Benjamin Crandall (within 1/2 mile)

I am interested in participating in studio recording projects and live performance with creative groups of musicians. I am conservatory-trained and have been playing for over 20 years. I'm mostly interested in playing original music and creatively ... see more


4 days ago

offered by Tree Bressen (within 1/2 mile)

In the unlikely event that you need assistance setting up house wiring for landline phone, i may be able to help.

33 hours ago

requested by Belle Burch (within 7.5 miles)

Hi, having a regular meditation practice would be so much easier if I had a proper meditation cushion to sit on. Thanks!

3 days ago

offered by Yaakov Levine (within 10 miles)

I am the Nutritional Health Coach (NHC) at Natural Grocers in Eugene. I offer 3 free classes most weeks on various topics, some of which are cooking demos. We also offer free one-on-one health coaching to support our community members individual heal... see more

4 days ago

requested by Benjamin Crandall (within 1/2 mile)

I have some musical ideas involving horns, effects, and looping. I need some equipment to experiment with and hopefully add to my live offerings.

I would be grateful for a keyboard amp or powered speaker, looper, multi-effects pedal, vocal mic, a... see more

3 days ago

requested by Rebekah Hill (within 1.5 miles)

Hey Kind Kindistas!

Sunday crew of Food Not Bombs is serving upwards of 120 meals each week. Food Not Bombs is totally donation-based, with people cooking yummy food in private kitchens to serve to those in need of a meal. Everyone is welcome! ... see more

4 days ago

offered by Jules Kirk (within 7.5 miles)

Time: Saturday, March 21, 2015 at 10:30 AM
Schedule: Every Monday, Thursday, and Saturday
Place: 450 West 3rd Avenue, Eugene, OR 97401, USA

The Warrior Sister Society provides free women-only self defense classes at the Boreal on 450 West 3rd... see more

2 days ago

requested by Connect Eugene (within 2 miles)

The Eugene Catholic Worker offers many services to the disenfranchised, one of which is offering some basic supplies to people living outside. Many sleeping bags have been given out, and more are needed to help ensure people can have some essential w... see more

9 days ago

offered by Sara Eden Moss (within 3.5 miles)

I am offering my time and attention to you in the spirit of support and compassion.

I'm happy to simply listen, or to listen and offer reflections and/or curiosity to help you find your own answers and to see yourself fully.

10 days ago

requested by The Kindista Team (within 1.5 miles)

Help us make our local sharing network more vibrant! We need help doing outreach with faith communities and local businesses that provide goods and services being requested on Kindista.

7 days ago

offered by James Kalafus (within 3 miles)

I have diverse computer and miscellaneous electronics skills. I will find you answers to your questions. I will wire your entertainment system. I can do many things to help.

Windows, Mac/OSX, Android, Linux, setting up your stereo, fixing the VCR ... see more

6 days ago

requested by Julie Johannessen (within 3 miles)

I have a tumor I'm treating and need lots of fresh organic, non GMO vegetables for juicing.
I'm on low income and live in Cottage Grove.
Please help me.
Thank you.
God bless You!!

Julie Johannessen

4 days ago

requested by Sara Eden Moss (within 3.5 miles)

I'm seeking sawdust for humanure. Untreated wood only - making medicine for the soil.

8 days ago

offered by Samuel Collins (within 1.5 miles)

I just moved here in the Eugene area, and I plan to help anybody who needs help in the area. It could be to help you move thing to the new place or give ride to a senior. You tell me and I should see if my schedule would allow me to help- in any case... see more

21 days ago

requested by The Kindista Team (within 1.5 miles)

The Kindista Software Development Crew needs a place to work, weekdays from 9-7pm or so. Do you have space convenient to Downtown Eugene for 3 of us to work together to keep improving Kindista? If not, please consider donating to Kindista so we can... see more

7 days ago

requested by David Stearns (within 1.5 miles)

Greetings kindista family~ Our little family of 4 is expanding to 5 here in September! I am currently 9 months pregnant, expecting Sage any day now! and while daddy's off working, mama bear has been getting a bit overwhelmed lately trying to keep up ... see more

2 days ago

requested by Leah Reque (within 7.5 miles)

Happy Holiday's. :) i have a lil wish list mabey u have extra stuff laying around or ur just full of compassion but no matter what i pray you are blessed with flowing love and light!!
* can opener
*Toodler bed
*carpet pieces or rugs
*a tarp
*foo... see more

3 days ago

Mary Byrnes expressed gratitude for Lynne Lucas

Lynne, Thanks so much for the shingles. They will be perfect for my project! You rock!

7 days ago

offered by Denise Christine (within 5 miles)

Free Show, First Friday Art Walk. Atrium Bldg. (99 W. 10th Ave) 7:30-9:30 p.m.

Free Theater Workshops, Every Thursday. Atrium Bldg. 7:30-9:30 p.m.

No Shame Eugene is a non-profit, volunteer-run theater group committed to providing a space for ... see more


3 days ago

requested by J. Troi Kunko (within 2.5 miles)

Hi, I've found mildew in my house and need to do an intensive three day treatment with an oil nebulizer. To be clear this is NOT a diffuser. You know if you have a nebulizer because they are expensive and use just oil, not oil and water. I have the ... see more