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3 hours ago

requested by Benjamin Crandall (within 1/2 mile)

I have some musical ideas involving horns, effects, and looping. I need some equipment to experiment with and hopefully add to my live offerings.

I would be grateful for a keyboard amp or powered speaker, looper, multi-effects pedal, vocal mic, a... see more

5 hours ago

offered by Carolina Allen (within 2.5 miles)

Friday December 11th The Mother Tree will offer a free storytelling hour with Christian Community Minister and storyteller Craig Wiggens.. Suitable for children and their adults 4 and up!

8 hours ago

requested by Kristin Fay de Buhr (within 2.5 miles)

We have an on-going need for single mattresses (no box spring) in good condition.

9 hours ago

requested by Susan Joyce (within 1.5 miles)

Need a lamp for nighttime reading, if anyone has a simple lamp. Thanks.

13 hours ago

offered by Julie Wolfgram (within 1.5 miles)

This is the best GF recipe for chocolate cake I have found.
Rich, very moist, great crumb, delicious! It calls for cooked quinoa instead of flours. Enjoy! :)
p.s. if you cannot download the photos, contact me and I
will email you the recipe... see more


9 hours ago

requested by Sara Eden Moss (within 3.5 miles)

My partner and I would like to adjust to the gaps diet protocol and I would love some recipes to help me stay inspired.
Simple is always best.
I'm in a rut with the same 4 dishes or so.

12 hours ago

requested by Zachary Krebs (within 1.5 miles)


I need an iPad as described above to study Astrology with an iOS iPad only app made by my teacher.

I need one for probably at least 6 months.

If you have one that's ugly, scratched to hell or otherwise crappy that you could lend me I w... see more

11 hours ago

requested by Tyler Bryan (within 6 miles)

I am trying to show any version of a Christmas Carol to my 7th graders and cannot find it anywhere! Please help! Thanks!

13 hours ago

Vicki Estrada expressed gratitude for Thaston B Riklon

Thaston and Family, thank you so much for the wood, It is nice to meet community members and feel supported in this way.

15 hours ago

requested by Skye Rios (within 2.5 miles)

Searching for pipes underground, and it would be super useful so I don't have to dig randomly. Not looking to keep the detector (unless it's looking for a new home), just need to use it for the day. Thanks!

17 hours ago

offered by Mateus A De Castro (within 1.5 miles)

Aloha Family ! I have the Pleasure and Honor to Offer to Share the Knownledge that I found that We Humans Have a Human Function that have been dormant and not used, have been disabled and it has been almost impossible to be able alone , we got to our... see more

18 hours ago

Marta Gradilone Rodriguez expressed gratitude for Katie Sontag and Larry Kaplowitz

Thank you to both Larry and Katie for offering your futon on here! In the same week we received a frame from Katie and a mattress from Larry, for my stepdaughter's new place. She's been wanting a firm bed for months, and we're happy to have community help to make it happen so easily for her. Thanks, guys! <3

28 hours ago

offered by Alice Aleta Miller (within 6.5 miles)

I have many types of seeds that need to be used this sping. Especially lettuce. Other things like amaranth (elephant head), dried beans (various) and some divisions and starts of herbs and perennials.

18 hours ago

offered by Omni Mountainskyrainbow (within 1.5 miles)

Who wants to learn to make felt balls? I will provide the space and the wool and the water, and teach you how to felt wool balls. (If you already know how, perhaps we can collaborate on a fun project or two. I have a nice collection of natural undyed... see more

16 hours ago

offered by Sara Deutsch (within 4 miles)

"The Bug," An original musical instrument--electronic percussion machine, created many years ago by Tom Nunn. It has been carried around in my van for years and needs to be put back together with loving care. It needs to be hooked up to an electric... see more


16 hours ago

offered by Sara Deutsch (within 4 miles)

I have no room in my tiny house for ironing board, foam pieces, coffee filters, hangers, heavy old blanket that would be good for a pet and other household items. I also have skirts, tops and pants for a woman, (tops large, pants and skirts medium). ... see more

17 hours ago

Tami Darden joined Kindista

18 hours ago

requested by Sara Clark (within 3 miles)

I am looking for a ride from the Eugene airport to South Eugene on Wed June 1st in the afternoon at 12:30. I can pay gas money. My cell is 660-287-0842. I am currently in rural Mississippi with spotty reception through Monday, so apologies for a del... see more

19 hours ago

requested by Christina Tavares (within 3.5 miles)

I have a month to gather gently used, recycled or re-purposed baby items for a family becoming parents for the first time.

If you have any of the following taking up space in your home, if your children have outgrown it or never used it or don't ... see more

23 hours ago

requested by Karen Freeman (within 3.5 miles)

I need to borrow a decorative dress form or manekin to display a strapless wedding gown Need this weekend.

26 hours ago

requested by Patricia Hampton (within 2.5 miles)

I have a lot of trees outside my window with birds. I would like to begin bird watching and could use a good pair of binoculars.

30 hours ago

Alicia Kristen expressed gratitude for Katherine Monica Sloan

Thank you!! So excited to use these boots for splashing in puddles with kids and wading through rainy season trails!

25 hours ago

offered by Jennifer Avenell (within 5.5 miles)

Free tarot readings. I read tarot at The Big Kitchen restaurant in San Diego for five years. 35 years experience total. There is nothing to fear in the tarot deck, and it can be remarkably insightful. Positive readings are guaranteed.

31 hours ago

requested by Tessa Barker (within 1.5 miles)

I would love to acquire some rock climbing shoes, used is totally fine, I'm just tired of paying the equipment rental at the gym. Thanks!

35 hours ago

offered by Brieonna gabbard (within 1.5 miles)

new, not worn much

2 days ago

requested by Alexandra Geddes (within 1/2 mile)

Have you upgraded to a smart phone? I'm looking for a cell phone that just communicates. Thanks!

36 hours ago

requested by Kemy Joseph (within 1 mile)

Looking for nice soft rugs of any size (the bigger the better but will gladly accept small ones as well).

Thanks in advance :D

2 days ago

offered by Careta Mae (within 1.5 miles)

Healthful Healer offering work trade for sanctuary space (to live and to practice)

2 days ago

requested by Vicki Shaw (within 1.5 miles)

looking for a pair of speakers to plug into a laptop computer

2 days ago

requested by Katie Sontag (within 1.5 miles)

Am looking for a small rug type thing appropriate for a bathroom floor. Thanks!

2 days ago

requested by Dharzel (within 1.5 miles)

My lawnmower won't start and the grass is getting long. I had it serviced before storing it for the winter but???
Love to barter!

3 days ago

offered by Tree Bressen (within 1/2 mile)

This is a gadget that you plug in between an appliance and a wall socket that shows how much energy is being used. Useful if you are trying to understand your energy footprint and cut down. (Note, the Eugene public library also has these available ... see more

2 days ago

2 days ago

requested by Julie Wolfgram (within 1.5 miles)

3 days ago

offered by samantha rehder (within 1.5 miles)

I am looking to volunteer time preserving local wildlife habitat. I am physically fit and can donate some time after classes.

3 days ago

offered by Gail Lloyd (within 1.5 miles)

Hello my mystical friends... I thought you might like
a little infusion of empowerment and a chance to
envision brighter days.

Enjoy the Podcast as I take you on a walk-a-bout... see more

3 days ago

offered by Marianna Monaco (within 2 miles)

I have two good air beds that I use only occasionally.
One is a twin and one is a double size.
Both inflate themselves with an electric pump (attached to beds).
If you need to borrow one for guests, I have them to loan you.

5 days ago

offered by Heather Scott (within 1.5 miles)

I'm a single mom in the Friendly St. neighborhood who would love to share my garden space. I have limited time to garden (but I do make some time), so would love to find someone who'd like space for gardening and opportunity to share veggies, fruit, ... see more

4 days ago

requested by Mike kelly (within 1.5 miles)

Does anyone have an extra short style surfboard. And or a wetsuit. Even if it needs refurbished, I will figure it out. It'll jus save me a lot of money and help my skills I feel are essential in my lifestyle.

6 days ago

offered by Tresa Beaver (within 2 miles)

Bring a few of your friends and come to InJoy Wellness to soak your feet in our foot spa. Up to six people can join in the fun. Call 541-762-2009 to schedule your free group foot soak.