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37 minutes ago

M Kay Pohl joined Kindista

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3 hours ago

requested by Natalie Stameroff (within 2 miles)

I would love to have access to a pick up truck to pick up things for my garden like straw bales, cardboard, and manure. I may want to use it about two times a month in the gardening season. It can be stick or manual. I will gladly fill the gas tank ... see more

5 hours ago

requested by Denise Christine (within 5 miles)

Once I get going, I go, go, GO! But getting started is awfully hard... Unless it's to help a friend! Then I always seem to be able to get into gear.
Does this sound like you? Well, how about if we help each other get going? Everyone has onerous task... see more


5 hours ago

offered by Denise Christine (within 5 miles)

Let me help you get that boulder moving! It could be something as simple as dusting your house plants, cleaning your fridge, or going through boxes of old paperwork. Weeding. Taxes. Organizing/purging/donating. Or you've got some "do it yourself" pro... see more

6 hours ago

offered by Denise Christine (within 5 miles)

Free Show, First Friday Art Walk. Free Theater Workshops, Every Thursday
No Shame Eugene is a non-profit, volunteer-run theater group committed to providing a space for people of all talents & levels of ability to share their gifts with the communit... see more

6 hours ago

offered by Marla Worm (within 3 miles)

I'm moving and can't take all my stuff. I have a huge pile of wood (some for fire, but most if very usable). All sizes (1'-8') 2x4, 2x6, full fence panels, 1x3, etc. Chicken wire in good condition (large and small sections), garden pots (all sizes), ... see more

6 hours ago

Roxie Garoutte joined Kindista

7 hours ago

Cashmerae diamond-hill joined Kindista

12 hours ago

offered by Laura Ruff (within 13.5 miles)

This mattress is in great condition and came out of our motor home that we sold.

2 days ago

offered by Tree Bressen (within 1/2 mile)

I love dogs and don't have one. I live near Amazon dog park, i was thinking there's probably a dog within a few blocks of me who would wag their tail with delight to get an extra walk. I have a flexible schedule and would be happy to share dog love... see more

2 days ago

requested by alicia wasilewski (within 3.5 miles)

Wishing to Gather with Women Who Are Creating The Change WE ARE HERE TO EMPLOY!

34 hours ago

offered by Tree Bressen (within 1/2 mile)

Large tree produces bucketfuls each year. Do you want them? Takes more work than most people consider worth it to eat them, but can also be used for other applications.

5 days ago

requested by The Kindista Team (within 1.5 miles)

The Kindista Software Development Crew needs a place to work, weekdays from 9-7pm or so. Do you have space convenient to Downtown Eugene for 3 of us to work together to keep improving Kindista? If not, please consider donating to Kindista so we can... see more

2 days ago

requested by Willow K Rose (within 3.5 miles)

I would love a recommendation of a compassionate doctor in Eugene that is open to Medicare or Medicare supplement plans. Peace-health (War-death) has waiting lists or shunts you off to the nurse practitioners no one wants to see. My plan lists dozens... see more

31 hours ago

offered by Meghan Quinn (within 2.5 miles)

I have large amounts of bubble wrap in various sized pieces. Huge bag. I'd love to give it away to those who can use it. You can take as much as you need. I get monthly packages that always use it, so this is an ongoing thing.

25 hours ago

requested by Belle Burch (within 7.5 miles)

30 hours ago

offered by David Goldtein (within 5.5 miles)

I live in the Whit at 5th and Taylor. A sweet, gentle 6 year old male/neutered orange tabby is "living" in the abandoned back yard behind me. I took him into Greenhill, got him evaluated and flee-treated, and am feeding him until they will hopefully ... see more

33 hours ago

requested by Lisa-Marie DiVIncent (within 7.5 miles)

A friend of mine needs a quick Sprint phone, one that texts easily.
I will pick up or you can deliver. Please spread the word.
We need the inspiration of getting a used one from the community!
Thanks so much,
541-484-7366 lmdv@efn... see more

2 days ago

offered by Anita Chari (within 2 miles)

Deepen your capacity for intimate relationship with yourself and with others, learn to listen to your body more deeply than ever before, and engage with the bio-intelligence of your system in this unique class. We will explore movement sequences and ... see more

6 days ago

offered by Benjamin Crandall (within 1/2 mile)

Form instruction, push hands, qi circulation, and martial applications.

2 days ago

requested by Karen Freeman (within 3.5 miles)

I hurt my back so can't get out in the yard. Very tiny yard but needs weeding, cleaning up, laying a tiny 12' X 4' area. Anything will help. thanks.

2 days ago

offered by sara wellman (within 4.5 miles)

There is a pretty big wooden desk someone put out on my street. Very nice may need to fix a few things. Very big top. It has been there for awhile and no one has picked it up. Thought someone on here may have a use for it. I live in Springfield. Mes... see more

4 days ago

offered by Tara Jones (within 1/2 mile)

I have so much yellow dock going to see in my yard now that I no longer need these seeds.


2 days ago

Marianna Monaco expressed gratitude for Marcella Jennings

THANK YOU SO MUCH, Marcella, for the beautiful sunflower heads!
I will enjoy some and my neighbor's squirrel will enjoy some too!

8 days ago

offered by Julie Wolfgram (within 1.5 miles)

This is the best GF recipe for chocolate cake I have found.
Rich, very moist, great crumb, delicious! It calls for cooked quinoa instead of flours. Enjoy! :)
P.S. If you cannot download the photos, contact me with your email address and I
w... see more


2 days ago

offered by Diane Garcia (within 4.5 miles)

every year I have left over halloween candy. is there any group or agency who is looking for Halloween candy donations? just in case i have any leftover this year.

3 days ago

offered by Karen Freeman (within 3.5 miles)

Giving up my yard project. Could not get help. So come get the bricks. 244 red bricks.

3 days ago

Barbara Master expressed gratitude for Leora Borealis

Leora, Many thanks for he eeePC. It's just the right size for my work with the garden planning. - J.Meiser

4 days ago

offered by Benjamin Crandall (within 1/2 mile)

all chromatic instruments welcome.

3 days ago

Susan Detroy expressed gratitude for Christine Lakshmi Ratchinsky

Thank you Christine..

15 days ago

offered by Alexandra Geddes (within 1/2 mile)


My mom has recently moved to Eugene, and is living in an elder housing place in South Eugene. She's a little bored. We're at work all day, and my kid is old enough to not need supervision ... see more

3 days ago

requested by Thomas Price (within 7.5 miles)

ISO Yard Help: Looking for some Help with my Yard and some of my potted plants. I have been in and out of the Hospital the last two years and could use some help.

Do you have a green thumb and want to lend a hand? Please contact me.

3 days ago

Susan Detroy expressed gratitude for Tom Atlee

Thank you Tom

6 days ago

Leora Borealis expressed gratitude for Christine Lakshmi Ratchinsky

Thank you Christine for the clip on bike fender! I will miss seeing you regularly

3 days ago

offered by Leora Borealis (within 7.5 miles)

This is sort of both a request and an offer. I'm looking for someone to drive down to Ashland with me in the morning on October 1st in my car, you will need to find a way back here or travel on from Ashland. I'm looking for someone who can help with ... see more

8 days ago

requested by Sara Eden Moss (within 3.5 miles)

Looking for folks who do wild foraging of medicinal plants. I want to go with you! My foraging wisdom is limited to a tiny handful of plants, and I tend to miss the season for them.

8 days ago

offered by Betzi Hitz (within 1.5 miles)

I have two areas covered by roundish 1.5-2 inch stones. One Kindistan is in the process of removing stones, but there are a great many. If you want them, come and get them.

8 days ago

requested by Thaston B Riklon (within 1.5 miles)

Yokwe, Hafa Adai, Bula, Rasta,

We are a collective of local musicians looking to get involved at community events and provide ambient drumming. We are also looking for drums of any size and shape to start teaching the youth that feel inspired to ... see more