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  • About Kindista

    What is Kindista?

    Kindista is a social generosity network founded on the belief that sharing is good. Kindista helps you to connect with people who live near you so that you can share with each other and let other people know how much you appreciate them.

    To get a taste of what's happening on Kindista, take a look at the offers and requests sections of the site. The home page (a.k.a "Community") shows all of the recent gifting activity that has taken place near you.

    What is Kindista's mission?

    Kindista's mission is the same as that of it's parent organization, CommonGoods Network:

    We foster networks of trust and facilitate the sharing of knowledge, abilities, and physical resources to transform communities and engender a sustainable and harmonious world.

    How does Kindista make money?

    Kindista is funded entirely through donations to its parent organization, CommonGoods Network. If you would like to support Kindista, please make a tax-deductable donation to CommonGoods.

    This is only possible because Benjamin and Eamon have collectively volunteered over 2,000 hours to the development of Kindista.

    What is CommonGoods Network?

    CommonGoods Network is an Oregon 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization founded in 2008 by Benjamin.

    To date, all of our funding has come from individual contributions and small grants, with initial funding contributed by Benjamin.

    As a non-profit organization, Kindista cannot "sell out" or become a publicly-traded corporation. As long we are able to sustain the organization, CommonGoods will continue to serve its mission.

    Will Kindista ever sell advertising?

    No. We believe that putting advertising on Kindista would dilute our mission and compromise our integrity.