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75 months ago

Jason Lieberman expressed gratitude for Anand E. Holtham-Keathley, R.N.

Thank you for being such an awesome part of the community :)
You helped me get plugged in as a volunteer the Festival of Eugene, even though it wasn't officially your responsibility. The festival was awesome, volunteering there helped lift me from depression, and taking pictures there was a blast that came with the honor of contributing through one of my most deeply-cherished gifts. You were part of pulling of the Festival, an rather impressive feat against the odds, pulled together in a pinch by so many committed volunteers in one of the communities that has come together time and again, to bring us together, and to which you have contributed in so many ways, all the way up to your service at Occcupy Medical, where you offer your professional skills as an RN to those in the community most in need. The way you live your life in joy and service is truly inspiring, your family is a light in the community, and you have passed the torch on to a son who is well-known for his selfless service, and I can see clearly he gets a decent chunk of his generosity from the way you do your work, and welcome people into your life. Blessings all-ways <3