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    10 months ago

    Kevin Elbert expressed gratitude for charlotte taylor

    Charlotte Taylor, I absolutely enjoyed our time together sharing gongfu tea. You are a beautiful Light in the world and I am blessed to know you. Sweet blessings to you!

    10 months ago

    Sakti Sarfati expressed gratitude for Kevin Elbert

    I recently had a very powerful and healing NLP session with Kevin Elbert, regarding past traumas. It has been a couple of days and I am still processing parts of it but it has already helped me through some present day challenges His wonderful offer on Kindista came at a very fortuitous time in my life and it has givien me some essential tools. Thank you!

    10 months ago

    Kjell Phillips expressed gratitude for Kevin Elbert

    Thank you Kevin for the incredibly revitalizing NLP session for my allergies. And also for the delicious Pu'er tea. I sincerely appreciate your generous healing, and amazing hospitality.

    10 months ago

    Karen Freeman expressed gratitude for Kevin Elbert

    Thank you to Kevin Elbert for his generous offer of an hour long NLP session. It was a wonderful experience. Kevin is very professional and has a calming respectful presence. His beautiful home studio is beautifully and simply decorated and is a calm safe place.
    I felt a shift after my session that remains with me.

    Thanks also for the mini tour and sharing your experience working with clients from a home office.

    10 months ago

    charlotte taylor expressed gratitude for Kevin Elbert

    What an absolute treasure it has been spending the morning with Kevin and drinking his amazing teas. My goal was to learn about tea service - what I received was a divine journey of delightful timelessness with a being who embodies sweet compassion and presence. So beautiful!

    10 months ago

    Dee Jackson expressed gratitude for Kevin Elbert

    Thank your kind heart and giving spirit . I am so grateful to have met such an amazing person.

    10 months ago

    Kevin Elbert expressed gratitude for Dee Jackson

    Thank you, Dee Jackson, for the warm welcome to the neighborhood! Welcome to Kindista. Blessings to you!

    10 months ago

    Dee Jackson expressed gratitude for Kevin Elbert


    10 months ago

    Kevin Elbert expressed gratitude for Jehoseph Divine

    Thank you for joining Kindista, Jehoseph Divine. I appreciate the beauty you bring to the world through your nature photography and intuitive coaching. Blessings to you! :-)

    10 months ago

    Kevin Elbert expressed gratitude for lilly crowheart

    Thank you, Lilly Crowheart, for gifting your precious time this morning and a most beautiful healing massage experience. I appreciate your focused presence, attention to detail, and healing, nourishing, nurturing touch. Thank you for teaching me more about breath and how I can create more space in my body through my breath. Bright blessings to you, Lilly! Om shanti shanti shanti.

    "Open the window in the center of your chest, and let the spirits fly in and out." ~ Rumi

    10 months ago

    Kevin Elbert expressed gratitude for Christina Tavares

    Thank you for gifting your vacuum cleaner to me with attachments, spare bag, and belt, Christina Tavares! This came at just the right time! I just used it to vacuum my house for the first time in a month and it looks great. Blessings to you!

    12 months ago

    Tandava Aum expressed gratitude for Simon S Kemp

    So happy to receive gratitude from you. I had taken a not at some point to check out kindista. Just learning the ropes but am so pleased that someone has made such a site. I am rebuilding my life. Have a hotel in Cottage Grove for the night. Friends, jobs and housing are null. Spending $100 a night is not very smart so I am working on solutions. How are you doing? I would love to expand my friends and support network. Let me know if I can buy you lunch or something. Wishing you well! 541-743-1577.

    11 months ago

    Kevin Elbert expressed gratitude for Simon S Kemp

    Thank you, Simon, for offering your expertise regarding interior design. I appreciated the article you sent on the psychology of colors for my business. Thanks for looking at the pictures of my various rooms and giving great suggestions for the best color furniture for those areas. This was super helpful and makes the task of buying furniture less daunting.

    11 months ago

    Simon S Kemp expressed gratitude for Tree Bressen

    Great jacket for working in the shop on cold nights/mornings, thank you πŸ™

    11 months ago

    Simon S Kemp expressed gratitude for Tree Bressen

    These will look much better then the blackbarries in my front yard.. πŸ™

    11 months ago

    Alegria Alegria expressed gratitude for Kevin Elbert

    You put the kindness into Kindista. Thank you so much, Kevin Elbert, for the equisite conversation and wonderful Tea Ceremony today. You are a fountain of knowledge about teas and so many topics. It was a delightful afternoon visiting and seeing your lovely home. I appreciate your kindness and hospitality and look forward to many more good conversations and Tea Ceremonies in the future. Love, Alegria

    11 months ago

    Kevin Elbert expressed gratitude for Alegria Alegria

    Alegria Alegria, thank you so much for a wonderful afternoon of sharing space and tea together. I greatly appreciated you sharing your intuitive wisdom, mermaids and lovely spoken word poetry. Thank you for the unexpected glass dragon figurine gift. I look forward to spending time and sharing tea with you again. Blessings of healing hugs, Light and Love to you, Alegria Alegria!

    13 months ago

    Jason K Cummings expressed gratitude for Margot Rawlinson

    I have been battling a tough case of Tinnitus (ringing in ears), memory loss from a medical procedure I've been undergoing for a severe case of depression I've been going through for nearly 2 years. I'm happy to say that the medical procedure has broke the deepest parts of the depression, but I'm still left with memory issues and a constant ringing in ears from a medication that I took early on in my battle with depression.

    A close family friend recommended me I look into getting Reiki work done to help with the Tinnitus.

    There was a reiki master in Eugene I was referred to, called her and had not heard back from her for several hours (which I knew she might have been in session), but I was anxious to get in to see someone soon. So I went on YELP and found Margot. I called her, she picked up and was very pleasant to talk to over the phone. She said she offered a 30 minute free session to show first time clients how she operates and just to give them a feel for her work. I took her up on that offer and set an appt for the next day.

    The next day (which was a Tuesday) we met. Spent the first 20 minutes just talking about my battle with depression, my struggle with tinnitus. She was very easy to talk to and she was an excellent listener. Also, during that time she had recommended me different types of supplements and tinctures for some of the things I was dealing with. So between 20-30 minutes in I got on her massage table and she started doing her Reiki work.

    What was amazing was she spent much longer than the 30 minutes she told me she'd offer for free. One thing I forgot to mention was there was a hazy feeling in the left side of my head when I first started the session and by the time we were done, my mind and that left side felt very clear. I felt refreshed, more calm and relaxed after the session.

    I would recommend Margot to anyone who is dealing with different physical, mental and emotional difficulties. She is a very peaceful and loving human being and Eugene is lucky to have her as a Reiki Master in the community.

    I am definitely going back for a regular session!!

    Kind Regards to everyone! Much Love,


    12 months ago

    Erin Q. expressed gratitude for Margot Rawlinson

    It was an honor to receive healing Reiki energy from Margot in her lovely healing space. I felt profoundly peaceful and relaxed in Margot's presence, and got a lot of great insight and feedback after the session. Thanks so much! I also appreciate your integrity around our appointment today.

    23 months ago

    Alegria Alegria expressed gratitude for Belle Burch

    Oooh, Thank You and Jed for the kale from your garden. I sliced it finely, tossed it with a dribble of olive oil and a titch of garlic powder, put it on cookie sheet in a 325Β° oven for 5-6 minutes until it got perfectly nice dehyrated and crispy and gobbled it all up. With Kindista Love for Eugene Avant Gardeners, Alegria