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    47 months ago

    Chris Roth expressed gratitude for Dennis Boehm

    Thanks Dennis for the neck/shoulder massage during the Kindista Free Market, when I was experiencing significant discomfort/strain. It seems to have helped with the healing: four days later I was able to move 3.1416 cords of oak firewood, which is approximately 3.1416 cords more than I felt capable of before the massage. Your good deed deserves a pie (or, the best I can do electronically, a pi)!

    68 months ago

    shelly emerson expressed gratitude for Benjamin Crandall

    Thanks so, much Benjamin Crandall, for joining us at Lost Valley Event and Education Center on Sunday!!! We appreciated (and still are appreciating) your articulate talk, your warm presence, and your passion for gift economies...especially the emphasis on creating community through sharing. Lost Valley residents look forward to working with you, with Kindista, and with other sharing communities.


    47 months ago

    Amber Jones expressed gratitude for Chris Roth

    Thanks for being there when you're needed and more. I really appreciate your presence in our family and the bird sounds you bring.

    68 months ago

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