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Kindista Events Crew

Eugene, OR, US

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    18 months ago

    Megan Swan expressed gratitude for Teryani R

    Teryani thanks for the guitar... it will be going to a good cause! I appreciated your kindness.

    22 months ago

    Melonie Page expressed gratitude for Karen Januszewski and miaya sustaita

    I would very much like to thank these 2 lovely people for reaching out & replying to my request about the porcelain dolls I've inherited & am trying to find a place to take them. It has been frustrating to pack a big heavy tub of porcelain from place to place whenever I move & it's taking up needed space, so thank you very much for the suggestions/ideas. I will definitely look into it. Love n Light to yall & the rest of our Kindista fam, too!!!

    20 months ago

    Alegria Alegria expressed gratitude for jeremy spafford

    Expressing Gratitude for Jeremy Stafford who answered my Request to help me with matting my original drawings if I need help in the future. I'm so grateful for Kindista and Lovely Compassionate and Generous People in Community.

    23 months ago

    Benjamin Crandall expressed gratitude for Jasun Plaedo Wellman

    Thank you for this USB digital audio interface! I'm excited to start putting more of my energy into music production!

    23 months ago

    jeremy spafford expressed gratitude for Megan Swan

    Thank you for the wonderful healing session the other day. I feel like a new man!

    41 months ago

    Sara Eden Moss expressed gratitude for Karly Loveling

    Thank you so so so much for the mortar and pestle! I've been searching for this last piece of equipment for my beloved clients and their magical placenta medicine.
    I am so grateful for your generosity that comes in so many ways. I love you!

    24 months ago

    Neighborhood Anarchist Collective expressed gratitude for jeremy spafford

    Hey friend! The stadium chair you gave me is so perfect for my work/life! I sit and rock comfortably to the sound of babbling water and the sight of vibrant fishies as I clack away at my computer. Thank you for helping expand my office space!

    41 months ago

    Jason Lieberman expressed gratitude for jeremy spafford

    Thank you for giving me a lift in a pinch! You saved me a half-hour walk home when I really just needed to get to bed. Thanks for being part of what makes our community great!

    23 months ago

    jeremy spafford expressed gratitude for Mahni Deahl

    OMG! Mahni your ampcoil machine is changing my life! haha! No seriously I havent felt this good in a while. Thanks for sharing such a wonderful healing modality. And thanks for all the wonderful books I scrounged from your yard and all the wonderful conversations and quality time! I've been feeling a lot better the last few days, and am immensely grateful!

    23 months ago

    jeremy spafford expressed gratitude for Jame Kala

    Thanks for the awesome blanket. I'll take it as a sign that it's imbubed with warmth, picking it up on such a hot day!

    25 months ago

    Anna Jackson expressed gratitude for David Saul

    Thankyou for the adjustable table!! It's just what I needed! :)

    38 months ago

    Karly Loveling expressed gratitude for jeremy spafford

    Thanks for showing up at the Market and the park to take pictures of my choirs. And thanks for giving me what you got. I hope they are helpful in your endeavors!

    44 months ago

    Vicki Shaw expressed gratitude for Kindista Events Crew

    Thanks to all who volunteered and donated and shopped at the Kindista event on Nov. 27th. The guitar music in the morning was really great and the event was heartwarming. Keep recycling goods!

    41 months ago

    Sita flammer expressed gratitude for Sara Eden Moss

    Thank you Dear Sara for your heart filled listen. I felt very safe and respected and found it to be a grounding, nourishing experience.

    27 months ago

    Sara Eden Moss expressed gratitude for Connie Sahlin

    Connie, thank you so much for letting me borrow your massage chair! I'm excited to use it :-)

    44 months ago

    Karly Loveling expressed gratitude for Benjamin Crandall and Sara Eden Moss

    THANK YOU!! I am do grateful for your mediation skills and willingness to show up and share your time and attention. I feel so supported by you two. Great team!

    44 months ago

    Karly Loveling expressed gratitude for Sita flammer and Sara Eden Moss

    Thank you!! Your support makes such a difference with the Hummingbirds Girls Choir! We couldn't have done it without you today : )

    45 months ago

    Sara Eden Moss expressed gratitude for Marianna Monaco

    Thank you Marianna! I am so happy to have this little toaster. I enjoyed the best toast I've had in 8 months today because of it!

    32 months ago

    Jasun Plaedo Wellman expressed gratitude for Tree Bressen

    Thank You so much for helping out with the Tripod, just used it the other day. May an abundance of goodness come your way :)

    32 months ago

    Anchen Texter expressed gratitude for Karen Januszewski

    Even after this request was inactive, Karen contacted me and asked if I still needed a binder. I had given up and was making due with what I had, but I definitely still needed the binder. A week later, she met me and handed me a brand new 2" binder - which fits my pages beautifully. Thank you for thinking of me and making my life easier!