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The Kindista Team

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Eugene, OR, US

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    Kindista is a social network for local sharing. We are dedicated to creating a world where people can get more of their needs met by sharing with their local community, with less reliance on money.

    Kindista helps facilitate trust so people feel comfortable sharing their resources with others who are helping create a culture of generosity and gratitude.

    Kindista is a project of CommonGoods Network, an awesome Oregon 501(c)(3) organization.

    What we're really good at

    Helping people share their gifts. Community building. Matching peoples needs with resources available in their community. Facilitating trust between people who don't already know each other. Creating a new culture of generosity and gratitude where everyday miracles are commonplace.

    Contact us if

    Contact us if you want to help us build a new culture of generosity and gratitude.