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I had high expectations for myself when I launched this blog. Turns out, life is really busy. There are a ton of improvements I still want to make to Kindista (some of which I'm in the middle of right now). And when it comes down to choosing whether to direct my energy towards promoting Kindista or improving it, I usually find myself choosing to work on the later. There is only so much I can do as an individual. I have faith that you, the Kindista community will do what it takes to help our network grow.

That said, I recently gave a talk at Oregon Country Fair about my work around gift economy. I covered a lot of ground including local currencies, resource sharing as a path to peace, developing trust through reputation and gratitude, bringing greater consciousness to money, overcoming separation, and the future of work in a highly automated society. I feel a little bit self conscious about the moments where I lacked articulateness, but overall I am happy with the message I presented. It's probably the most comprehensive expression of my vision around gift economy that I have presented so far. I hope you find it inspiring.

114 months ago

Melanie Carlone replied:

Dear friend - your talk was so inspiring and the community you help enrich is changed in ways you cannot measure. THANK YOU

114 months ago

Carolina Allen replied:

Than you Benjamin for all your devotion, hard work and vision. You are a true inspiration in my life.

Blessings and may the great work that you have done thus far continue to ripple through our society in ever expanding circles.