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Wednesday, September 21, 2016 at 11:17 PM

Kindista + Facebook = a World of Sharing

By: Benjamin Crandall

Kindista members have been asking for Facebook integration since we launched the beta version of Kindista back in 2012. After many months of development, we are thrilled share it with you.

With Facebook for Kindista, you can now share your Kindista Offers, Requests, and Gratitude with your Facebook friends. If you use Facebook, we invite you to activate Facebook for Kindista now!

Why did we build a Facebook integration for Kindista? We want a world in which sharing our abundance is a reliable way of getting our needs met. For that to happen, it needs to be more visible and commonplace in our daily lives.

Let’s face it, life is just easier for everyone when we all share our abundance and help each other out; and we all have friends and loved ones who could use more support. Sharing your Kindista activity on Facebook will introduce your friends to Kindista and all of the specialized tools it offers to support gift economy, including:

Help us create a Revolution of Kindness by activating Facebook on your Kindista account and sharing your Kindista Offers, Requests, and Gratitude with your Facebook friends.

Here's what Facebook for Kindista offers:

Facebook Sign in

After linking Kindista with your Facebook account, you will be able to use Facebook to sign into Kindista. That means one less password to remember. Of course you will still be able to continue signing in using your email address and Kindista password as normal. But Facebook sign in has been long requested on Kindista and we're happy to be able to now offer it.

Important: If you already have a Kindista account, please don't create a second account by signing up again with Facebook. Please sign in with your existing Kindista account before activating Facebook for Kindista.

Offers and Requests

With Facebook for Kindista, whenever you post an Offer or a Request on Kindista, you will also have the option of sharing your post with your Facebook friends. That means your Facebook friends will see your Offers and Requests even if they're not already on Kindista. That means more successful sharing in your community!


Facebook for Kindista helps spread a culture of gratitude in your social circles. Be a gratitude ambassador by making a regular habit of posting gratitude for the kindness and generosity you experience in your life. And if you are Facebook friends with the person you are thanking (and they also have Kindista for Facebook activated) you can post your gratitude on their Facebook Wall too!

Spreading Kindista in your area with Facebook

Kindista is an awesome tool to support sharing in your local community. But what if your community isn’t active on Kindista yet? Using Facebook for Kindista is an simple way to help Kindista flourish in your area and inspire your friends to join in the Revolution of Kindness.

98 months ago

Tara Jones replied:

Thanks so very very much for all the work you did to get this up and running Benjamin.