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Yang T'ai Chi Class

Posted by Benjamin Crandall 54 months ago

Time: Tuesday, March 1, 2016 at 8:45 AM
Schedule: Every Tuesday
Place: Eugene, OR, USA

YangJia Michuan TaijiQuan: A complete system for health, self-defense, & meditation.

Please contact Benjamin for class location.

I offer comprehensive instruction in traditional Yang Family Taijiquan (aka Taiji, Tai Chi, or T'ai Chi Ch'uan). This "internal style" traditional Chinese martial art trains the body and mind to stay relaxed and focused in any situation. Taijiquan has a variety of health benefits and gives the practitioner practical self-defense skills that have been developed and refined over hundreds of years.

There are many reasons why people become interested in taijiquan. Training is low impact (except sanshou and weapons training, see below) and is suitable for all ages and body types. Because the strength and power of taiji come from correct body alignment and internal energy, rather than muscular force, taiji can put women on an equal playing field with men during self-defense situations. Here are a few of the system's notable benefits:

MARTIAL BENEFITS. Effective, time-tested self-defense techniques. Increased stamina. Increased concentration and awareness of surroundings. Taijiquan is a complete martial system including strikes, kicks, joint locks, take-downs, point striking, ground fighting, and weapons training. System emphasizes yielding and neutralizing incoming energy and responding to situations appropriately.

HEALTH BENEFITS. Increased flexibility and blood circulation. Improved posture, balance, and breathing. System helps practitioner to cultivate and circulate qi (Ch'i) for use in healing or martial applications. Increasing qi and removing blocks in qi pathways (as in acupuncture) also strengthens and tonifies the internal organs, and provides overall vitality.

OTHER BENEFITS. Improved confidence. Decreased fear. Inner calm. Increased consciousness and awareness in mind, body, and environment. Quiet the mind. Learn to experience life as it is without filtering everything through the ego.

I have been teaching Yang Family TaijiQuan since 2004. I am a disciple student of internationally recognized taiji swordmaster LaoShi Scott Rodell in Washington, DC. Since beginning his training with LaoShi Rodell in 2001, I learned the entire system of Yangjia Michuan TaijiQuan, including public and michuan empty-hand forms, weapons forms, sanshou, push-hands, and sword combat, as well as Taoist Meditation in the Jin Shan Pai tradition (7th generation initiate). LaoShi Rodell has over 25 years experience teaching Yang Family Taijiquan and is an internationally recognized expert in historical chinese swordsmanship. He is a fifth generation practitioner in the Yang Family tradition (for the lineage from Yang Luchan, visit and has studied under masters Wang Yen-nien, T.T. Liang, and William Chen.

Classes include:
Beginners classes - learning the principles of taiji through Cheng Man-Ch'ing's classic short form.

Intermediate classes - going beyond the basics to learn breathing, body mechanics, applications, and qi circulation.
Practical applications and self-defense - for all levels.

Yang Jia Michuan Tajiquan - (By invitation only, for intermediate and advanced martial artists). Michuan is the Yang hidden family form and is taught to students who have demonstrated an understanding of the principles of taijiquan.

Tui Shou (Push hands) - for intermediate and advanced students. Tui Shou is two person work for further developing the principles and applications of taiji without most of the risks of injury present in san shou and weapons training.

San Shou (Free hands) - (private instruction only, for intermediate and advanced martial artists). Students train to remain calm and yielding while facing all types of strikes, kicks, and take-downs. This training focuses on developing practical martial skills in realistic full contact situations.

Weapons Training - (private instruction only, for intermediate and advanced martial artists). Weapons forms (sword and spear), applications, and sword free-play.

Taoist Neigong Meditation - Offered on a case-by-case basis for students who have demonstrated sufficient determination and discipline. Training is in the Jin Shan Pai tradition, using the Jin Dan Dao method. Training emphasizes detachment from conditioned thoughts and emotions, advanced qi cultivation, and the transformation of qi and jing into pure shen.

Classes are FREE, however donations of any size are greatly appreciated. Primary payment expected is in the form of commitment and discipline. I expect my students to attend classes regularly. In addition, I expect my students to practice daily on their own.