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White Conversation on Race: Intro to Racism Series

Posted by Laura Keir 29 days ago

Time: Sunday, July 19, 2020 at 5:00 PM
Place: Eugene, OR 97401, USA

Join a free online conversation via Zoom for White people to discuss race, particularly White folks who have not talked much about race before. This conversation is for those who want to go deeper in a 3-part series. If you have never talked or thought very deeply about racism, come explore this topic in a judgment-free space with others who are learning. We will discuss issues of race and Whiteness- focusing on the experiences, views and feelings of participants. It can feel very uncomfortable to talk about race, but we'll make it as welcoming and safe as possible.Register online at:

Our online conversations are based on mutual respect and non-judgment. The goal is for participants to learn and grow together. We create spaces for White people to come together with others who have experienced being White, to talk with each other about how race affects our daily lives and how to create justice for all. These are not easy conversations for most White people, but we aim to provide a safe and productive introduction to issues of racism.