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13 months ago

Uncle Samuel Spinoza Junior I expressed gratitude for Andrea Moore

YES 🥰 your environmental science is perfect!!

I discovered the original Sun of Methuselah

Now I am looking for more lovely friends to work together making the Methuselah movie as well the garden of Eden the original one

Please 🙏🙏🥺 awake Brothers and Sisters of Portland Oregon take me away from Georgia State for LIFE sake!

I love them all...but I love myself too

At least I got familiar to this I will be able to help them to heal ther Auras from distance

Yes there are a AURA COUCH here

Hi email is

I am stuck literally stuck in Atlanta Georgia..

And I can't wait to be together with you all in Portland Oregon.

I love Life so much I would never hang with Carnivorous at all..

Even loving them all and caring for them all.

But.. Millions years of history shows that one must to stay as cleansed as possible.

No point to stay where I am staying at this very moment inside of a bloody smoggy restaurant

Please read Romans chapter,5 versus 19

For inspiration


Leviticus 15 19

Acts 15 19


See what happened to all Carnivorous!!!!

Numbers 16:31-33

Hello beautiful holly healers of EARTH FAMILY.

I been traveling looking for solutions for Life in general..and I been finding out that there are no better place to work than on a Medicine farm.

I can help supervise the crew, I can help watch for mold, help cooking super healthy international cuisine.

Believe me..i not only cook the original Italian pizza and pasta, also, i make the best tchai teas ever.

I also created my own medicinal 420 beer

I'm looking for brothers and sisters interested in joining me to make it bigger so more people can heal theirselfs and rediscover theirselfs too.

Feeling proud of this website..and of you all.

Btw..anyone interested in reinventing Facebook lmk.

Everyone been agreeing that we definitely should add a lifetime video filming a real time urgula or TOMATOE growing on the side of everyone's cellphones screen.

It would definitely help our urban HUMANITY to be encouraged on reinventing the asphalt.

Imagine an asphalt smelling Sage