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    6 hours ago

    offered by Tree Bressen

    This is a gadget that you plug in between an appliance and a wall socket that shows how much energy is being used. Useful if you are trying to understand your energy footprint and cut down. I used to have one posted on here but i gave it away, however i'm keeping this post active because you might not have known that actually you can borrow one from public libraries in Eugene & Springfield.

    12 hours ago

    offered by Cathy Seitz

    I have a fair amount of knowledge and can advise on many garden situations.


    13 hours ago

    offered by Cathy Seitz

    I have followed most of the basic health food diets at one time or another, and can tell you how to prepare healthy food fast and good!


    3 days ago

    requested by Benjamin Crandall

    Vegetables, grains, oils, spices, etc.

    4 days ago

    offered by Thomas Price

    When I have a little bit of time on my hands, I am look for those who want to enjoy the beautiful winter weather. If you're like me and want to get out and enjoy this beautiful time of year please message me here through this offer.

    5 days ago

    offered by Tree Bressen

    On my website is a list of Eugene-area venues for meetings and other occasions. Free download. Edits & additions appreciated. See

    8 days ago

    requested by Thomas Price

    Looking for Gardeners/Assistants/Avant Gardeners to assist Micro Farm.

    The farm owner is recovering from health issues and needs help winterizing/putting down mulch on her small farm near the airport.

    Please contact me if you would like to assist.

    7 days ago

    offered by Cathy Seitz

    I have worked a lot with "mentally ill" teens in residential care, as an informal counselor, and have extensive background in nutrition/alternative diets. There are alternatives to drugs when dealing with schizophrenia and other imbalances. See the website and work of Peter, Breggin, such as the book "Your Drug May be Your Problem". (I am not always opposed to drug treatment, just know there are other things to try first.)


    8 days ago

    offered by Cathy Seitz

    Experienced house sitter. Have taken care of chickens, horses, pets, gardens, etc. References available.


    22 days ago

    requested by Benjamin Crandall

    We got a late start to starting seedlings this year. It looks like most of our seeds were too old and didn't germinate. Do you have any seeds or seedlings/starts you could share?

    Spinach, delicata squash, lettuce, kale, peas, chard, etc.


    11 days ago

    offered by Thomas Price

    Do you have an Alaskan sawmill?

    Are you looking for Crafting wood?

    I just took down five fir-trees and some Associated smaller Pine and cherry wood.

    There will also be fire wood made out of some of this.

    Contact me if you want some of this.

    29 days ago

    Angela Diane expressed gratitude for Tree Bressen

    Thank you Tree for loaning me the guitar ! It's so great to be able to practice my music :-) !

    15 days ago

    all chromatic instruments welcome.

    38 days ago

    Deanna Chappell Belcher expressed gratitude for Benjamin Crandall

    Thank you for sharing the business cards with me! I have used all of them to kick off my campaign for 4j School Board! I am inspired to run a very different kind of campaign, low impact on environment and on folx wallets! :)

    41 days ago

    Kris Topaz expressed gratitude for Tree Bressen

    Thanks 😊! if I had had a moment I would have loved for you to have met my dog who was in the car. But I had to get to work.

    20 days ago

    offered by Meghan Quinn

    I have a nice amount of bubble wrap, both smaller pieces and larger sheets.

    20 days ago

    42 days ago

    Tree Bressen expressed gratitude for Erin Q.

    Yea, thanks for the paper Erin, and extra thanks for bringing it to me!

    20 days ago

    offered by Jame Kala

    I have this computer to pass on to someone in the community! It came from a Kindistan when I was in need, and now it is returning.

    It would be a fine everyday use and multimedia computer. I recommend avoiding online banking or shopping using this computer.