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    15 months ago

    Andrew Rosenthal expressed gratitude for The Kindista Team

    Thanks Benjamin for all the work you do to keep Kindista working!

    10 months ago

    Andrew Rosenthal expressed gratitude for Kavana Tree Bressen

    Thank you so much for supporting kepw. It is Greatly appreciated!
    On behalf of kepw much Peace, Love, Satisfaction and Solidarity!
    Be Safe Be Strong

    15 months ago

    Andrew Rosenthal expressed gratitude for Thomas Price

    Thank you Thomas for your help with my bicycle seat! I know it's been "a minute" and thank you nonetheless.
    All the best!

    33 months ago

    John Abbe expressed gratitude for Alberta Pedroja

    Thank you for the gift of a place to stay while I recovered from my hernia this year!

    69 months ago

    Julie Lambert expressed gratitude for Jason Lieberman

    Jason took care of me when I had a traumatic brain injury. He even fed my cats, and I was not a very nice person because of the injury. I will love him always for caring for me.

    39 months ago

    Simon S Kemp expressed gratitude for Tara Jones

    Awesome, now I can really teach folks about shutter speed and f/stop, thank you. 🙏 Blessings ~

    69 months ago

    Sara Clark expressed gratitude for Simon S Kemp

    My gratitude to Simon for his assistance in a graphic design. I appreciate the easy communication and that he transformed my drawing into a computer graphic design. Thank you for your time, energy, and support of my project!

    89 months ago

    Benjamin Crandall expressed gratitude for Jason Lieberman

    Thank you for filming my recent talk on gift economy at Oregon Country Fair. I really appreciate your help in spreading the word about Kindista and the growing culture of sharing we are creating.

    82 months ago

    Jason Lieberman expressed gratitude for jeremy spafford

    Thank you for giving me a lift in a pinch! You saved me a half-hour walk home when I really just needed to get to bed. Thanks for being part of what makes our community great!

    85 months ago

    Blackhorse Shasta expressed gratitude for Alicia Kristen

    It was very lovely to meet you and we are so very grateful to receive your gift of clay bricks for building a cob pizza oven, and we hope to share in the creation process with you. May it manifest that we bring a bunch of kids together for this earth building adventure! I look forward to our growing friendship. I believe in your dream and look forward to collaborating together towards our shared dream of creating a children's ecovillage.

    73 months ago

    Simon S Kemp expressed gratitude for Thomas Price

    Thanks for keeping me out of the rain and warm.

    53 months ago

    Simon S Kemp expressed gratitude for Tandava Aum

    Tandava is a wonderful individual, with a plethora of technical skills.

    53 months ago

    Tandava Aum expressed gratitude for Simon S Kemp

    So happy to receive gratitude from you. I had taken a not at some point to check out kindista. Just learning the ropes but am so pleased that someone has made such a site. I am rebuilding my life. Have a hotel in Cottage Grove for the night. Friends, jobs and housing are null. Spending $100 a night is not very smart so I am working on solutions. How are you doing? I would love to expand my friends and support network. Let me know if I can buy you lunch or something. Wishing you well! 541-743-1577.

    53 months ago

    Kevin E. expressed gratitude for Simon S Kemp

    Thank you, Simon, for offering your expertise regarding interior design. I appreciated the article you sent on the psychology of colors for my business. Thanks for looking at the pictures of my various rooms and giving great suggestions for the best color furniture for those areas. This was super helpful and makes the task of buying furniture less daunting.

    101 months ago

    Jason Lieberman expressed gratitude for Anand E. Holtham-Keathley, R.N.

    Thank you for being such an awesome part of the community :)
    You helped me get plugged in as a volunteer the Festival of Eugene, even though it wasn't officially your responsibility. The festival was awesome, volunteering there helped lift me from depression, and taking pictures there was a blast that came with the honor of contributing through one of my most deeply-cherished gifts. You were part of pulling of the Festival, an rather impressive feat against the odds, pulled together in a pinch by so many committed volunteers in one of the communities that has come together time and again, to bring us together, and to which you have contributed in so many ways, all the way up to your service at Occcupy Medical, where you offer your professional skills as an RN to those in the community most in need. The way you live your life in joy and service is truly inspiring, your family is a light in the community, and you have passed the torch on to a son who is well-known for his selfless service, and I can see clearly he gets a decent chunk of his generosity from the way you do your work, and welcome people into your life. Blessings all-ways <3

    90 months ago

    Sara Deutsch expressed gratitude for Sara Clark

    Sara responded to two of my requests at once: networking for me--a new arrival in Eugene, and magazines for my collage classes. Her suggestions about working with at-risk children and doing memory art at hospicesa were so helpful! The magazines from the International center from different countries were perfect. Thank you Sara! I enjoyed meeting you and want to keep in contact.

    91 months ago

    Christine North expressed gratitude for Blackhorse Shasta

    Thank you too Blackhorse! It was very easy sharing my truck with you. Thanks for your care and friendly kindness. I enjoyed meeting you and hope to see more of you and your family at Triangle Lake or Eugene. I would loan my truck to you again if needed. :-) Peace.

    53 months ago

    Simon S Kemp expressed gratitude for Kavana Tree Bressen

    Great jacket for working in the shop on cold nights/mornings, thank you 🙏

    53 months ago

    Simon S Kemp expressed gratitude for Kavana Tree Bressen

    These will look much better then the blackbarries in my front yard.. 🙏

    94 months ago

    Alana Roby expressed gratitude for Eugene Avant Gardeners

    Thanks to the Eugene Avant Gardeners for letting me know about this site!