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Eugene, OR, US

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    2 hours ago

    requested by The Kindista Team

    We have a bunch of Kindista propaganda (cards and stickers) and we would love your help in spreading the word. Are you interested in picking up a stack of cards/stickers and handing them out to people in your community to get the word out?

    2 days ago

    all chromatic instruments welcome.

    19 days ago

    Jasmine Co expressed gratitude for Esteban Rios

    Thank you neighbor!

    20 days ago

    The Kindista Team expressed gratitude for Tree Bressen

    Thank you for being such a steadfast and consistent advocate of Kindista and the sharing economy. Thank you for your ongoing promotion of Kindista in Eugene and the broader world.

    12 days ago

    offered by Emily Boyer

    Let's music together! I love playing my ukulele and singing. We can do that together, if you want, or you can just listen if you like. Or even accompany me with another instrument! Many of the songs I play are relatively easy. I like fun and interesting chord progressions with lyrics that are sweet and inspiring or funny and entertain me. Maybe you'll like them too :) Let's play!

    27 days ago

    Z Delbosque expressed gratitude for Benjamin Crandall

    Thank you Benjaminfor the picture frames. I will be able to share them with others also. You have a very charming neighborhood that I was totally unaware of previously. A very nice enclave and nice to see.

    16 days ago

    requested by The Kindista Team

    Help us make our local sharing network more vibrant! We need help doing outreach with faith communities and local businesses that provide goods and services being requested on Kindista.

    18 days ago

    requested by Benjamin Crandall

    Vegetables, grains, oils, spices, etc.

    50 days ago

    Emily Boyer expressed gratitude for Asaph Mauck

    Thank you Asaph for graciously sharing your knowledge about soil with me and helping me in my garden. I learned a lot!

    2 months ago

    Marianna Monaco expressed gratitude for Benjamin Crandall

    Thanks for the envelopes.
    Just what I need to complete a project.

    24 days ago

    offered by Tara Jones

    Three years ago I wrote 19 songs for a local production of The Secret Garden. A friend of mine created a beautiful songbook to go with the CD that I recorded. Thinking that cast members and audience members alike would enjoy having a copy of the songbook and CD, I printed up many copies of each. I believe I sold five. My thought is that perhaps those of you who work with (or have) children and who love this story would enjoy sharing these songs with your children. Here is a link to my account on Soundcloud where you can listen to the songs.

    3 months ago

    Tara Jones expressed gratitude for Diane Garcia

    A very belated thank you for the suitcase that Diane Garcia gifted to me. Aside from one scuff mark on the front, it otherwise looked brand new and certainly in better shape than our completely scuffed up one. Thank you both for the gift of this lovely suitcase and for dropping it off at my house. Both were greatly appreciated.

    5 months ago

    Emily Boyer expressed gratitude for Jonny Fernandez

    Aww, Jonny! Thank you for being a kind and inspiring person. For following your heart, sharing your dreams, and pursuing your passions. You are a lovely light to coexist on this planet with. I am so glad to call you a friend!

    5 months ago

    Emily Boyer expressed gratitude for Bill Hettig

    Yay, Bill! I am so grateful that you are part of the community here. Thank you for being a kind elder who is wise and always happy to offer ideas and guidance. I love that you make me laugh and I so appreciate how supportive you are of all of our interests and passions! <3 Thanks for joining Kindista :)

    5 months ago

    Emily Boyer expressed gratitude for Curtis Dickerson

    Curtis! Thank you for being a bright and shiny light in this world, for being a supportive and encouraging friend, and for always being willing to be vulnerable and open with your truth. I love your hugs and am loving getting to know you and see you grow more and more into yourself. :) Life is a journey and I'm very happy we are connected. Love & Friendship to You!

    5 months ago

    Emily Boyer expressed gratitude for Justin Marcano

    Love you JJ!!! Thank you for bringing your amazing gifts and love to community. I have learned and grown so much by being your friend. I look forward to continuing to know you and learn with you as you emerge through your travels <3

    6 months ago

    Rebekah Albert expressed gratitude for Tara Jones

    Thank You Tara! This was a super easy exchange! I so appreciate the good foods and the easy transaction—-

    10 months ago

    Katherine Sloan expressed gratitude for Tara Jones

    Thank you so much for this salad bowl! It's lovely and can't wait to put to great use!!