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    3 days ago

    requested by The Kindista Team

    Help us make our local sharing network more vibrant! We need help doing outreach with faith communities and local businesses that provide goods and services being requested on Kindista.

    4 days ago

    requested by jeremy spafford

    I'm looking for a healthy way to engage with people in social settings. I also think it would be really cool to sit down by the river and play some music.

    8 days ago

    The monthly Solidarity Share Fair works to provide a wide variety of skill-shares, material resources, helpful services, and delicious food, all for free, to the unhoused and vulnerable communities of Eugene/Springfield. This month, we are collaborating with ESSN and other organizations to commemorate International Worker’s Day! We will be at Park Blocks downtown form 2-7pm on May 1st! (Or First Christian Church if it is at all rainy.)

    Since we primarily serve people who are unhoused, the most needed resources are those related to living a life outside. There are never enough good clothes, tents, backpacks, and camping gear. Donation pick-ups can be coordinated if needed, but bringing donations on the day of the event is most helpful!

    We provide whatever skills and services people are able to share each month! We would love to have gear menders, medical services, general helpers, empathetic people who have emotional connection/support to offer, and/or whatever else you offer!

    8 days ago

    requested by Azalea Bradley

    Any and all pretty cloth you can hang on walls as nice decoration!

    9 days ago

    requested by Benjamin Crandall

    Looking for a partner (or more) to work on developing Kindista's website together. Arian Leffingwell has been working on it with me for the past year and a half, and he's moving to NYC.

    There is lots to be done to improve Kindista and I feel more motivation to work on it when I'm doing it in a team. I'm looking for someone(s) to meet with me regularly (weekly) at the Kindista office and work on the site together.

    No prior programming experience is necessary. I'm happy to teach you what I know if you want to learn. And any prior experience or new perspectives are welcome.

    10 days ago

    offered by jeremy spafford

    If you have cancer and you don't want to go through Chemo, I have Rick Simpson Oil. If you don't know what that is and how it helps.. follow these links and watch these videos.
    I will provide all the materials except the alcohol and the containers that are needed to make this product.

    10 days ago

    offered by Azalea Bradley

    Organizing one's email and calendar is a large task. Google has a ton of well-designed and free tools, but it can be overwhelming.

    I can help you:
    - configure your inbox with tabs and filters so important messages don't get buried
    - set up your calendar, add calendars, show and hide them, use reminders, share calendars, etc.
    - sync everything between your computer and mobile device
    - find other Google products (groups, etc.) that can help you organize better

    We can start off by email and then at some point we'd probably get together on your computer or device.

    28 days ago

    Mikel Maria expressed gratitude for Kat Sloan, Tara Jones, Chris Bowlin, and Melonie Page

    Ty for 💙ing my offer 🤑
    I often feel hurtful when I am so brave and hear people hate themselves and silence

    29 days ago

    Sister Kiran expressed gratitude for Tara Jones

    Hi Tara, Sorry I could not post to you yesterday... I did pick up half of the Nettles around 4:15 pm yesterday afternoon. Thank you so much! It didin't look like you were home...

    I think with the rain, and the fact that you covered the roots with soil, they will be fine. They look healthy. I'll plant them as soon as the weather clears, meanwhile, I've also covered the roots with more soil.

    Thanks again!!

    13 days ago

    all chromatic instruments welcome.

    15 days ago

    requested by Benjamin Crandall

    I have a lot of leaks in my flute. It probably needs some new pads.

    18 days ago

    requested by Benjamin Crandall

    Vegetables, grains, oils, spices, etc.

    17 days ago

    requested by Benjamin Crandall

    I have some musical ideas involving horns, effects, and looping. I need some equipment to experiment with and hopefully add to my live offerings.

    I would be grateful for a keyboard amp or powered speaker, looper, multi-effects pedal, vocal mic, and a mic stand.

    2 months ago

    Morgan M expressed gratitude for The Kindista Team

    This is an amazing site, I’d like to thank everyone who makes it possible.

    23 days ago

    requested by Benjamin Crandall

    I'd like to start steam cleaning some of my clothes instead of machine washing them to help them last longer.


    2 months ago

    Azalea Bradley expressed gratitude for Julie Wolfgram

    Thank you for the printer! And thanks for making it easy to pick up -- your directions about where it was were clear.

    26 days ago

    offered by Azalea Bradley

    If you have some grounding in piano/keyboard and want to know how to jam in a rock/folk/jazz/blues/whatever setting, I can help you get started! The possibilities are limitless on the keyboard and it can be quite intimidating. I'm mostly a piano player, but I dabble in organ, and a lot of the principles and techniques are the same between the two.