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    2 days ago

    offered by Emily Boyer

    Let's music together! I love playing my ukulele and singing. We can do that together, if you want, or you can just listen if you like. Or even accompany me with another instrument! Many of the songs I play are relatively easy. I like fun and interesting chord progressions with lyrics that are sweet and inspiring or funny and entertain me. Maybe you'll like them too :) Let's play!

    4 days ago

    requested by Emily Boyer

    Starting to send out invitations for our wedding and would like to add a sweet small sticker to the back of each envelope. So far we just have a few blue butterfly stickers about 1.5 inches in diameter. Does anyone have any other stickers to offer? A few pages of stickers that are somewhat nature-related would be ideal, like a bird or plant or something, but we're open to other sticker offerings too!

    6 days ago

    Karen Januszewski expressed gratitude for Emily Boyer

    Emily, thank you so much for gifting me your bike! I rode part of the way home so I'm already getting used to it, plus finding that I could lift it onto the bus bike rack by myself, yah! Also, thanks for the lock and the YouTube references which I will definitely check out. It was lovely meeting you, and your feline friend, and I enjoyed the scenery too!

    6 days ago

    Emily Boyer expressed gratitude for Karen Januszewski

    Thanks for being your lovely self, Karen. It was a pleasure to meet you and gifting you my bike felt like a gift I received by the way I can tell you will care for and benefit from it. <3

    11 days ago

    requested by Emily Boyer

    My current "mattress" is a sofa on top of a saggy boxspring that came with my room. I think it's activating pain in my spine, hip and neck and something has to change. Does anyone have anything better to offer?

    11 days ago

    offered by Emily Boyer

    Classic cruiser good for Eugene roads with good tires. Could use some oil / tune-up. Sad to see her go but it's time. Currently set for me at 5'5" but can be adjusted. Looking for a loving home, let me know if that's you!


    12 days ago

    requested by Emily Boyer

    Anyone know (or coordinate) any awesome projects to make the world a better place? I'm looking to connect and help channel volunteers and networking opportunities for do-gooders in and near Eugene, OR. Could be already established projects, or just getting going. They don't have to be affiliated with any official org, or they might be. Best if you or someone you know is directly connected, but also open to general recommendations iike "this project/person is doing great work". All hive-mind insights appreciated!

    18 days ago

    requested by The Kindista Team

    We have a bunch of Kindista propaganda (cards and stickers) and we would love your help in spreading the word. Are you interested in picking up a stack of cards/stickers and handing them out to people in your community to get the word out?

    46 days ago

    Thomas Price expressed gratitude for The Kindista Team

    I appreciate Kindista and the Team who has kept it going. I also hope to become a member of the team now as a member of the CommonGoods Network.

    26 days ago

    requested by Emily Boyer

    Would love to borrow a kitchen aid type mixer to make GF bread.

    6 months ago

    Joanna Brook expressed gratitude for The Kindista Team

    I was just reviewing the requests and offers I have made since joining. It is super cool to have that history saved. I had some good memories thinking about the things I needed and didn't need anymore. Appreciations to the Kindista team.

    7 months ago

    Stacie White expressed gratitude for Benjamin Crandall

    Thank you SO much for the supplements, Benjamin. Looking forward to trying them!

    10 months ago

    Rights Of Nature expressed gratitude for Emily Boyer

    Thank you for all you do!

    As a Board member of CommonGoods Network I am grateful for all the amazing ways you show up for us as CommonGoods Network's Executive Director.


    15 months ago

    Andrew Rosenthal expressed gratitude for The Kindista Team

    Thanks Benjamin for all the work you do to keep Kindista working!

    10 months ago

    Carly Giesen expressed gratitude for Benjamin Crandall

    Thank you Benjamin! I love the variety of new greens in the house. :)

    10 months ago

    J Phoenix expressed gratitude for Benjamin Crandall

    Thank you so much for contributing to my food forest!

    10 months ago

    Emily Boyer expressed gratitude for Carly Boyer

    Thank you for the nightstand! It is perfect for me here :)