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11 days ago

offered by Cathy Seitz (within 6.5 miles)

I have followed most of the basic health food diets at one time or another, and can tell you how to prepare healthy food fast and good!


22 days ago

requested by Katherine Sloan (within 7.5 miles)

12 days ago

requested by Morgan M (within 5.5 miles)

Need a pullman bread pan with sliding closed lid for baking sandwich loaves. Thank you!

35 days ago

Marianna Monaco expressed gratitude for Mary A Miller

Thank you, Mary, for the surprising kitchen gadget exchange when you came to get the mason jars. I am enjoying the chinois and my baker friend thanks you for the large pans.
May we continue to share our bounty with each other.

14 days ago

requested by Judy S-B (within 2.5 miles)

***Pandemic-times Update: I'd be thrilled to get help via Zoom, Skype, FB chat, or . . . ?***
I've made huge progress and want to keep the momentum. Over the next many months, I'd love someone with a calm, non-judgmental presence to sit with me whi... see more

30 days ago

Fergul Cirpan joined Kindista

12 days ago

offered by DonStClair (within 7.5 miles)

I happen to have expertise on applying for SSI, let me know if I can help. I understand the application and appeal process quite well.

13 days ago

offered by Margot Rawlinson (within 7.5 miles)

Could be sanitized and reused for herbal tinctures/ essences/ etc. Various colors and sizes. Small box full.

37 days ago

Mary A Miller expressed gratitude for pamela fitzpatrick

Well, I guess my response didn't go in. I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the Kefir grains! I would have put it on that lovely greeting you had on the insulated case, but I didn't have a pen. Thank you once again for the opportunity to make Kefir! I truly and utterly want to thank you. I am sorry my posting didn't go through yesterday. Take care Pamela!

38 days ago

Mary A Miller expressed gratitude for Marianna Monaco

What a wonderful lady we have in Marianna! Fantastic jars (and in excellent condition) and the rice cooker which couldn't be better. Thank you hon, you're amazing!

26 days ago

requested by lisas stein (within 15.5 miles)

We only need 6. Hate to buy a whole case

36 days ago

Prempreet Parakeet joined Kindista

17 days ago

requested by Hannah Torres (within 2.5 miles)

I hate you don’t leave me

22 days ago

offered by Erin Q. (within 1.5 miles)

Sunlite Utili-T fat tire bike inner tubes: 26x3.5-4.00. We no longer have the bicycle these were bought for.


47 days ago

Sister Kiran expressed gratitude for Lawrence Siskind

Dear Lawrence,

Thank you so much for this bin, which is in really good shape. And thanks for going the extra mile and getting it into the vehicle for me.

We do a lot of composting, so having this is a big blessing!

Love and blessings to you and your family,
Sr Kiran

19 days ago

requested by Kris Topaz (within 2 miles)

Like the kind they use in offices under the rolling desk chairs. Thank you

21 days ago

requested by John Meiser (within 5.5 miles)

Empty clean Kirkland storage containers for storing dried herbs. Will return one with herbs (Oregeno, Lemon Balm, Spearmint or Borage)


22 days ago

requested by Sheena Sewell (within 1.5 miles)

In a state of transition, and have had beautiful experiences by reaching out to the great unknown either here or in other random happenings in the past-
I have many skill sets- painting (high end art, or wall labor, or murals), photography (everythi... see more

39 days ago

J Phoenix expressed gratitude for Katherine Sloan

Thank you so much, Katherine!

21 days ago

offered by Judy S-B (within 2.5 miles)

For about 32 years now, I have been collecting picture books about girls and young women in especially courageous, intelligent, creative or spiritual roles. I have copies of 79 books now, which I keep in a special place at home and re-read for comfor... see more

21 days ago

offered by Hannah Torres (within 2.5 miles)

Tall bookshelf please text 541 337-7852

16 days ago

requested by Thomas Price (within 7.5 miles)

I am in need of healing touch. I have an old Fire Fighter body that is out of shape and in need of help keeping it healthy and well. I have been active most of my life and I want to get back in shape to hike again. If you want to work with me to get ... see more

2 months ago

Emily Boyer expressed gratitude for Marianna Monaco

Thanks so much, Marianna! I really appreciate your generosity and friendliness.

2 months ago

Ruth Weinberg expressed gratitude for Morgan M

Thank you so much for this lovely cutlery. Directions to your home were excellent and very helpful. Will Enjoy the cutlery every day. :) Best Ruth

21 days ago

offered by Hannah Torres (within 2.5 miles)

Very large heavy office desk. Please text 541 337-7851

2 months ago

Mindy Jo Hambrick joined Kindista

26 days ago

offered by Joanna Brook (within 1.5 miles)

13 year student of beloved local high priestess offers counseling, teaching, & mentorship

Blessings and funerals

Ordained Minister - Church of the Seven Sisters / Seven Sisters Circle

Tarot Consultations for Positive Change established 2007 ... see more

20 days ago

requested by Joebo endy (within 1.5 miles)

Hi! I love making upcycled clothes and I need a sewing machine to do so! If you have a sewing machine or serger that is in good working condition I would be honored to take it off your hands and super thankful!!

2 months ago

Emily Boyer expressed gratitude for Tadashi Jones

Thank you so much, Tadashi! This really helped improve my life 🏡

25 days ago

requested by Emily Boyer (within 2 miles)

I found the mixer from someone on here, but it didn't have the dough hook or bread mixing paddle attachments. Anyone have any of those?

18 days ago

offered by DonStClair (within 7.5 miles)

I have successfully applied for SSI, and helped several people win their SSI cases. I know the ins and outs of how it does and doesn't work and what it takes, and the resources you need. I will informally advise you on what you need to do, and can ma... see more

18 days ago

requested by smoll orange (within 15.5 miles)

Needing organic beets and carrots, when ever someone is able to spare them
We buy the amount we can afford with our food stamps but it would be great to be able to juice more often, my friend has leukemia and beet/carrot juice is helpful to her

49 days ago

Katherine Sloan expressed gratitude for Marianna Monaco

Thank you so much for the raw food books!! They are helping improve my life and you were wonderful to work with!!

20 days ago

offered by Thomas Price (within 7.5 miles)

I am a "Natural" Energy Being. I love to connect with Nature and help heal trauma and pain. If you are open to touch and able to let me work with your Energy, I can support and guide you through life's healing journey.

I am trained in Peer/Co-Cou... see more

19 days ago

requested by smoll orange (within 15.5 miles)

if anyone has any rso extras to be turned into rso, it would be greatly appreciated for healing

32 days ago

Tracey Parker joined Kindista

19 days ago

requested by smoll orange (within 15.5 miles)

Bookshelves or small or tall is just fine, plastic totes for storage (:

22 days ago

requested by Jennifer Reyes (within 15 miles)

I have a djembe and a church drum gathering dust and would love to find a drum circle nearby. I play for fun and have joined community drum circles at Folklife festivals in Seattle and at the Freedom Festival on Ebey Island. Please get your drum ou... see more

2 months ago

Alicia Cox joined Kindista

20 days ago

requested by Thomas Price (within 7.5 miles)

You like TikTok or another social network platform?

I am looking for someone to do some social media to talk about your story about the Gift Economy and how it has played into your life.

Please tag me if you can or email us a copy/URL at of wha... see more