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Eugene, OR, US

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    7 days ago

    offered by Simon S Kemp

    Adobe Creative Professional:
    I can design logos, flyers, brochures, banners, billboards and beyond.. (furniture/stationary, interior design, landscaping)

    Don’t let your dreams be limited, allow me to assist you.

    8 months ago

    Becca C. expressed gratitude for Margot Rawlinson

    I got to spend 30 minutes with her during an entry, exploratory reiki session this week. I've received reiki before and to compare, Margot was incredibly intuitive- also fun and light. Her studio is a peaceful, no-frills space. After the healing we spoke for a bit and Margot offered a few free samples as well. Over all, the experience felt professional. It was a self reset.

    8 months ago

    Alegria Alegria expressed gratitude for Donald Martin

    Thank you to Don Martin for talking with me on the phone about stradegies to retain good credit. I gathered a lot of clear concise information for a friend to pursue. This is a Great Offer here on Kindista.

    11 months ago

    Simon S Kemp expressed gratitude for Tara Jones

    Awesome, now I can really teach folks about shutter speed and f/stop, thank you. 🙏 Blessings ~

    13 months ago

    Kevin Elbert expressed gratitude for Hannah Torres

    My Body Talk session happened at just the right time when my body was screaming for attention. I'm glad I asked for help and received healing touch from Hannah. Hannah used her incredible intuition to work with what I was presenting. I felt overwhelmed with the pain I was experiencing in my body and Hannah offered multiple ways to work with me. She used muscle testing to work with my body and ended up working with exactly what I came in for without me even speaking about it. I love how the muscle testing revealed exactly what needed to be worked on. At the beginning of my session, I could barely move my head from the muscle tension in my neck and shoulder. Two days after integrating my first session with Hannah, the pain was gone and I could move my head easily again. I had never experienced a Body Talk session before this even though I've known about it for six years. Having experienced this incredible healing with Hannah, I'm already looking forward to the next time and asking what else is possible?! I would highly recommend Hannah Torres to my friends, family, and clients. I left feeling so much better than how I walked in. How does it get any better than that?

    13 months ago

    Kevin Elbert expressed gratitude for Mitchell S Walzer

    Mitchell, Thank you for making time to talk with me the other day. I appreciated hearing your experiences and look forward to talking with you again. Glad to see you on Kindista!

    19 months ago

    Darrius Yannick expressed gratitude for Kevin Elbert

    Kevin is a delightful person, a wonderful friend, a calm presence and the reason I came to Kindista. Here’s a general gratitude for your presence in my life, Kevin. I’m grateful to know you. I appreciate your thoughts for Men’s Tea, as well. Many blessings to you, Kevin.

    21 months ago

    Hannah Torres expressed gratitude for Alegria Alegria

    Thank you for the easle, I was pretty sure I had posted a grantitude a while ago but there must have been a glitch. My computer is pretty old.

    25 months ago

    Ker Cleary expressed gratitude for Alegria Alegria

    Thank you, Alegria, for showing up and communicating and doing such a great job greeting people at the fair! You helped make it a lovely experience for all!

    20 months ago

    Kevin Elbert expressed gratitude for Thomas Price

    Thanks to Thomas Price for the awesome glass computer desk from his neighbor Mike. I very much appreciated being able to pick it up today. A great addition to my office space. Thank you!

    20 months ago

    Kevin Elbert expressed gratitude for Ker Cleary

    Thank you, Ker Cleary, for the awesome HP printer. This came at a time when my other HP printer was going haywire. I enjoyed visiting with Julie and you today. So great to see you! Blessings!

    25 months ago

    Simon S Kemp expressed gratitude for Tandava Aum

    Tandava is a wonderful individual, with a plethora of technical skills.

    19 months ago

    Bekah Hill expressed gratitude for Alegria Alegria

    Thanks for the awesome suggestions!

    19 months ago

    Kevin Elbert expressed gratitude for Emily Hayes

    Emily, Thank you for the gift of the two beautiful plants. I look forward to taking care of them and having them be part of the vibrant, nourishing and nurturing energy of the group healing/hypnosis room in my home. I also appreciated being able to meet you briefly. Blessings to you & take good care! ☆

    22 months ago

    Kevin Elbert expressed gratitude for Dee Jackson

    Thank you, Dee, for offering prayer support for my business and me. I appreciate your kindness, encouragement and prayers. Thank you for your authentic words. Sweet blessings to you!

    21 months ago

    Alegria Alegria expressed gratitude for Rachel Rothman

    I am Expressing Gratitude for Rachel Rothman, for the confidential supportive conversation this morning. Good Reflective Listening, Rachel! I am very grateful for Kindista and sincere authentic people. With Love, Alegria

    23 months ago

    Thomas Price expressed gratitude for Kevin Elbert

    Thank you for the wonderful gift and blessing of your Gongfu Cha.
    It made for an awesome way to celebrate with my wife, while getting to know one another. Thanks again for the amazing selection of teas in this offering.

    21 months ago

    Kevin Elbert expressed gratitude for Donna Stearns

    Thank you, Donna Stearns, for the box of clean kombucha bottles. I so appreciate your kindness and ability to meet me today. I'm going to love using these bottles over and over for my kombucha projects. Blessings to you!

    24 months ago

    Sakti Sarfati expressed gratitude for Kevin Elbert

    I recently had a very powerful and healing NLP session with Kevin Elbert, regarding past traumas. It has been a couple of days and I am still processing parts of it but it has already helped me through some present day challenges His wonderful offer on Kindista came at a very fortuitous time in my life and it has givien me some essential tools. Thank you!

    24 months ago

    Kjell Phillips expressed gratitude for Kevin Elbert

    Thank you Kevin for the incredibly revitalizing NLP session for my allergies. And also for the delicious Pu'er tea. I sincerely appreciate your generous healing, and amazing hospitality.