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Eugene Wellness Tree Collective

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Eugene, OR, US

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    20 days ago

    offered by Margot Rawlinson

    Could be sanitized and reused for herbal tinctures/ essences/ etc. Various colors and sizes. Small box full.

    23 months ago

    Kevin E. expressed gratitude for Sumitra Daragon

    Sumitra, thank you for the beautiful ceramic tea pot and cups for gongfu cha. I've enjoyed the samples you provide when I order from you at Panther Moon Tea. I so look forward to seeing you and enjoying the wonderful material for gongfu cha. Blessings on your day! :-)

    The Way of Tea

    A friend presented me
    With tender leaves of Oolong tea,
    For which I chose a kettle
    Of ivory-mounted gold,
    A mixing-bowl of snow-white earth.
    With its clear bright froth and fragrance,
    It was like the nectar of Immortals.
    The first bowl washed the cobwebs from my mind -
    The whole world seemed to sparkle.
    A second cleansed my spirit
    Like purifying showers of rain,
    A third and I was one of the Immortals -
    What need now for austerities
    To purge our human sorrows?
    Worldly people, by going in for wine,
    Sadly deceive themselves.
    For now I know the Way of Tea is real.

    Chio Jen (Tang Dynasty)

    16 months ago

    Kevin E. expressed gratitude for Benjamin Crandall

    Thank you for the veggie starts and meeting in person. It was nice seeing your friendly smile again, Benjamin.

    23 months ago

    Kevin E. expressed gratitude for Katherine Sloan

    Katherine, thank you for your messages responding to my request for mediation and advocacy. I appreciated having you read what I had to say about what's been happening for me in the various government and medical systems. I appreciated your suggestions and offers of help. Thank you for asking clarifying questions so I could be more clear about my ask. Enjoy your day!

    16 months ago

    Morgan M expressed gratitude for Kevin E.

    Thank you Kevin! I really appreciate the pots, and you dropping them off was a real blessing. 🙏🏻🪴🌱🌾 Have a wonderful day!

    16 months ago

    Benjamin Crandall expressed gratitude for Kevin E.

    Thanks for the tea and the easy communication.

    15 months ago

    Kevin E. expressed gratitude for Kelly Cacan

    Kelly, thank you for offering your weed eater and easy pick-up today. I appreciate it! Enjoy your weekend.

    23 months ago

    Kevin E. expressed gratitude for Ben Collver

    Thank you, Ben, for driving me to Little Wings Farm to pick up my CSA box two weeks ago. I enjoyed sharing tea with you and experiencing meaningful communication through our continued friendship over the years. I'm particularly grateful for your kindness, generosity, and authenticity.

    23 months ago

    Kevin E. expressed gratitude for charlotte taylor

    Charlie, thank you for showing up for me. I appreciated when you brought groceries and other delicious foods for me when I was in my early recovery last December. Thanks for the seafood chowder, fish and chips, and sandwich. Thanks for sharing tea with me last time you came over. I look forward to sharing tea and space again (we can do it socially distanced, too!). Thank you for blessing me with your sound healing work in all the ways you do that in person and remotely. I appreciate you! Blessings on your day! :-)

    Tea Poem
    Willow branches graze the grass,
    As I sit in the shade drinking tea.
    A note from a flute blows clearly,
    Mingling with the sound of rain.
    I could sit here alone forever,
    And still I'd never feel lonely.

    Anonymous poem inscribed on an
    old Yi Hsing tea pot

    23 months ago

    Kevin E. expressed gratitude for James Bartik

    James, thank you for driving me to Urgent Care last December and helping me get home when I couldn't do that for myself. Thank you for coming over to visit me during my early recovery. Thank you for offering your kindness, care and concern for me. I appreciate you. Enjoy your day!

    16 months ago

    The Kindista Team expressed gratitude for Kevin E.

    Thanks for helping to get the word out about Kindista Kevin!

    17 months ago

    Kevin E. expressed gratitude for Marianna Monaco

    Thank you, Marianna, for sharing your beautiful green dishware with me. I enjoyed visiting with you briefly. Thanks for your business cards and I will share with friends/neighbors who could benefit from your services. Enjoy your day!

    16 months ago

    Katherine Sloan expressed gratitude for Kevin E.

    Thank you so much for passing on the gift of helpful transportation!! Means can get around !! Thank you!!

    17 months ago

    Kevin E. expressed gratitude for Kavana Tree Bressen

    Thank you so much, Tree, for creating and offering a covered, socially-distanced outdoor space for Ben and I to visit back in January. I enjoyed getting to see you briefly. Thank you also for the two electric blankets you provided for us that were already warm. I really appreciated your hospitality once again. Blessings to you!

    23 months ago

    Kevin E. expressed gratitude for lilly crowheart

    Lilly, thank you so much for making phone calls on my behalf and setting up appointments for me when I couldn't do it myself. Thank you for going to medical and health-related appointments with me and being a sacred witness to my healing journey. Thank you for your sweet, lovely presence. I appreciate you. Blessings on your day!

    36 months ago

    Becca C. expressed gratitude for Margot Rawlinson

    I got to spend 30 minutes with her during an entry, exploratory reiki session this week. I've received reiki before and to compare, Margot was incredibly intuitive- also fun and light. Her studio is a peaceful, no-frills space. After the healing we spoke for a bit and Margot offered a few free samples as well. Over all, the experience felt professional. It was a self reset.

    48 months ago

    Kevin E. expressed gratitude for Ker Cleary

    Thank you, Ker Cleary, for the awesome HP printer. This came at a time when my other HP printer was going haywire. I enjoyed visiting with Julie and you today. So great to see you! Blessings!

    53 months ago

    Ker Cleary expressed gratitude for Alegria Alegria

    Thank you, Alegria, for showing up and communicating and doing such a great job greeting people at the fair! You helped make it a lovely experience for all!

    39 months ago

    Simon S Kemp expressed gratitude for Tara Jones

    Awesome, now I can really teach folks about shutter speed and f/stop, thank you. 🙏 Blessings ~

    41 months ago

    Kevin E. expressed gratitude for Mitchell S Walzer

    Mitchell, Thank you for making time to talk with me the other day. I appreciated hearing your experiences and look forward to talking with you again. Glad to see you on Kindista!