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    2 days ago

    If you are a big fan of the Museum of Natural & Cultural History at the University of Oregon and want to go more often, please reply with your interests.

    11 days ago

    requested by jeremy spafford

    I'm looking for a healthy way to engage with people in social settings. I also think it would be really cool to sit down by the river and play some music.

    16 days ago

    offered by jeremy spafford

    If you have cancer and you don't want to go through Chemo, I have Rick Simpson Oil. If you don't know what that is and how it helps.. follow these links and watch these videos.
    I will provide all the materials except the alcohol and the containers that are needed to make this product.

    3 months ago

    Kat Sloan expressed gratitude for Karen Januszewski

    Wow!! What a knockout performance by the Eugene Ballet!!! It was so nice to go with you, and hang out afterward with someone who loves the ballet as much or more than I do! This gift was incredible!! So much thanks!

    4 months ago

    Anna Jackson expressed gratitude for Denise Christine

    Thank you for the beautiful
    Colorful hangers! It’s so nice to be able to hang all my clothes! Thank you so much for bringing them to me also. So much love!

    4 months ago

    Karen Januszewski expressed gratitude for Judy S-B

    Judy, Thank you for the beautiful garment bag (and the delicious tea)! I DO love it!!! Also, I appreciate your understanding, your patience and your willingness to go above and beyond for me. Cheers!

    4 months ago

    Judy S-B expressed gratitude for Karen Januszewski

    Karen, thanks for the vegetable peeler. It was just what I wanted. Also, thanks for the supportive phone conversation a couple weeks ago. It made a difference to me. Blessings, Judy

    7 months ago

    sara wellman expressed gratitude for Karen Januszewski

    Thank you again! My kids will have a great time.

    7 months ago

    Megan Swan expressed gratitude for Teryani R

    Teryani thanks for the guitar... it will be going to a good cause! I appreciated your kindness.

    7 months ago

    Carrie Goodwin expressed gratitude for Karen Januszewski

    Thanks, Karen! The boys like the "Stranger Things" gear.

    9 months ago

    Jasun Plaedo Wellman expressed gratitude for Logan Scott Flores

    For being a human puppy dog, full of play and joy :)

    9 months ago

    Logan Scott Flores expressed gratitude for Jasun Plaedo Wellman

    Music, vibration across the universe

    9 months ago

    Logan Scott Flores expressed gratitude for Megan Swan

    Your leadership in promoting a gift economy

    9 months ago

    Alegria Alegria expressed gratitude for jeremy spafford

    Expressing Gratitude for Jeremy Stafford who answered my Request to help me with matting my original drawings if I need help in the future. I'm so grateful for Kindista and Lovely Compassionate and Generous People in Community.

    11 months ago

    Melonie Page expressed gratitude for Karen Januszewski and miaya sustaita

    I would very much like to thank these 2 lovely people for reaching out & replying to my request about the porcelain dolls I've inherited & am trying to find a place to take them. It has been frustrating to pack a big heavy tub of porcelain from place to place whenever I move & it's taking up needed space, so thank you very much for the suggestions/ideas. I will definitely look into it. Love n Light to yall & the rest of our Kindista fam, too!!!

    14 months ago

    jeremy spafford expressed gratitude for Neighborhood Anarchist Collective and The Kindista Massage Train

    Thanks for a wonderful relaxing way to wake up this morning! Thanks for the massage sarah smiles

    15 months ago

    Willow Rose expressed gratitude for Anna Jackson

    Gratitude to Anna Jackson for sending me Reiki especially Holy Fire to help me move out of this situation and into a wonderful new situation. I feel the Holy Fire already making me feel like I am supported and surrounded. I know people around me are scared and they are acting out in violence but I don't want to fight with them because what would I win? I don't want to be queen of the damned here in this dumpy place. I am floating on a beautiful river of Holy Fire and I pray all of us are moving forward into the highest and best.

    13 months ago

    Benjamin Crandall expressed gratitude for Jasun Plaedo Wellman

    Thank you for this USB digital audio interface! I'm excited to start putting more of my energy into music production!

    13 months ago

    jeremy spafford expressed gratitude for Megan Swan

    Thank you for the wonderful healing session the other day. I feel like a new man!

    13 months ago

    Neighborhood Anarchist Collective expressed gratitude for jeremy spafford

    Hey friend! The stadium chair you gave me is so perfect for my work/life! I sit and rock comfortably to the sound of babbling water and the sight of vibrant fishies as I clack away at my computer. Thank you for helping expand my office space!