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Eugene, OR, US

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    3 days ago

    offered by Thomas Price

    I am a "Natural" Energy Being. I love to connect with Nature and help heal trauma and pain. If you are open to touch and able to let me work with your Energy, I can support and guide you through life's healing journey.

    I am trained in Peer Counseling, Consent and a number of modalities that I bring to my work in the world. I am only human but often gifted in my work.

    3 days ago

    offered by Thomas Price

    When I have a little bit of time on my hands, I look for those who want to enjoy the beautiful weather or breaks in the rain. ;) If you're like me and want to get out and enjoy this beautiful time of year please message me here through this offer or use the information below.

    You are always welcome to share if you have something that feels abundant.

    Text me at 541-554-2581 or plan ahead and email me ( a time that you may want to get together.

    6 days ago

    Karen Januszewski expressed gratitude for Emily Boyer

    Emily, thank you so much for gifting me your bike! I rode part of the way home so I'm already getting used to it, plus finding that I could lift it onto the bus bike rack by myself, yah! Also, thanks for the lock and the YouTube references which I will definitely check out. It was lovely meeting you, and your feline friend, and I enjoyed the scenery too!

    6 days ago

    Emily Boyer expressed gratitude for Karen Januszewski

    Thanks for being your lovely self, Karen. It was a pleasure to meet you and gifting you my bike felt like a gift I received by the way I can tell you will care for and benefit from it. <3

    13 days ago

    Stacie White expressed gratitude for Karen Januszewski

    It was such a special gift to enjoy The Eugene Symphony at The Cuthbert, Karen. What a wonderful night. Thank you for sharing. I have missed music in my life!!!

    14 days ago

    Thomas Price expressed gratitude for Sarah S McMullen

    Thanks for joining us here. Let us know if there is anything you want or need.

    9 days ago

    Way too strong for me, 200 mg of caffeine per brew cup. This organic coffee has vitamins D, E, and Bs, and L- theanine.

    10 days ago

    requested by Thomas Price

    You like TikTok or another social network platform?

    I am looking for someone to do some social media to talk about your story about the Gift Economy and how it has played into your life.

    Please tag me if you can or email us a copy/URL at of what you created. #Kindista

    Just incase you want to play with me and create more fun marketing materials this is me trying to have a little fun with TikTok.


    13 days ago

    I got this freebie from Safeway recently on my supermarket rewards card. I don't eat cheese so I was going to take off the cheese, but then thought it would be wasteful. Can't just leave it at my local food pantry, so it's available for pickup almost any evening with advance notice. It's gluten free, unopened and has been in my freezer the whole time.

    22 days ago

    Karen Januszewski expressed gratitude for Sara Clark

    Sara, Thanks for your thorough information in response to my request for your offered item. Even though it ultimately didn't work out for me to come over, it was a good interaction which I appreciated. Also, kudos to you for your life-saving donations!

    10 days ago

    requested by Thomas Price

    Hoping to get out on the lake or nearby waterways.

    I am Looking for a Big boy's White Water kayak or even a Willamette River kayak will do for me. Just want to go out on the water a few times a year. If you know of anyone who would be willing to share, or even wanted to go with me. I am 5'11' and need a 250 + size ride.

    24 days ago

    Riky Melloe expressed gratitude for Karen Januszewski

    Thank you, Karen!!! I’m grateful for you :)

    26 days ago

    Joanna Brook expressed gratitude for Thomas Price

    Thank you Thomas for reaching out and asking to receive what I am able to share. It was a lovely meeting. I am impressed by your joyful connections with so many communities. I have happy anticipation for our future sharing. Blessings.

    28 days ago

    Thomas Price expressed gratitude for Joanna Brook

    Thank you so much for the amazing hour and getting to know you and your offering. I look forward to the future and the gifts we both have to bring this world and each other. Namaste'

    17 days ago

    offered by Thomas Price

    This is like paying it forward.

    You can offer this at you place of business or you favorite food cart.

    Just look for the Kindista sticker and ask politely do you have available Kindista Bucks?

    Remember to return here to Claim what you needed.

    The Dollars available will only be there if we respect each other and the participating vendors.

    I started at Burrito Boy the first time, and this time at B-Heavenly Café Downtown.

    If you find a place out of Kindista Bucks and you have an extra $1, $5 or $10 you can always pay it forward and tell them to add it to the Kindista Bucks.


    46 days ago

    Thomas Price expressed gratitude for The Kindista Team

    I appreciate Kindista and the Team who has kept it going. I also hope to become a member of the team now as a member of the CommonGoods Network.

    23 days ago

    Large, plastic egg carton.


    23 days ago

    requested by Karen Januszewski

    I need someone to cut two round holes in my plastic cooler top. I want to create a DIY air conditioner but stymied by how to cut the necessary holes in the top. I don't have the proper tools, just a small manual saw. Thanks!

    22 days ago

    requested by Thomas Price

    I am in need of healing touch. I have an old Fire Fighter body that is out of shape and in need of help keeping it healthy and well. I have been active most of my life and I want to get back in shape to hike again. If you want to work with me to get back out there and enjoy a few more mountain top I would be grateful for any and all help.

    5 months ago

    Karen Januszewski expressed gratitude for Carly Giesen

    Carly, Thank you for the generous gift of your digital camera and the extra bonus of the memory card. I'm excited to try it out!